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Electrical Panel Repair Services in Ocala, FL

Your home's electrical panel is a crucial component that manages household electricity flow, ensuring safety in your electrical system. As time goes by, the panel may encounter a range of issues, such as worn-out breakers or insufficient power distribution in specific areas of your house. At Mr. Electric of Ocala, serving Ocala, FL, and surrounding regions like Dunnellon, Belleview, and Summerfield, we specialize in offering top-notch electrical panel repair services. Whether you require upgrades to your breakers or a complete replacement of your panel, our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way. Explore our comprehensive solutions for electrical panel installation and repair to discover more about how we can enhance the safety and efficiency of your electrical setup.

Electrical Panel Repair Services in Ocala, FL
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  • An electrical panel is typically enclosed within a gray metal box containing rows of circuit breakers. These breakers are labeled to indicate the specific area of the house they control. This metal box and its breakers serve as the link between your home and the raw power supply from the utility company. The electrical components in your home, like wiring, outlets, and light fixtures, are designed to handle a specific amount of electrical current, measured in amperage. If the amperage surpasses the system's capacity, overheating may occur, posing a fire hazard. To prevent this potential disaster, the circuit breakers in your electrical panel continuously monitor the electrical current flowing through your home. In case of a sudden surge in levels, a circuit breaker will trip, cutting power to that section of your home to prevent overheating.

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What Electrical Panel Repairs Does Our Company Perform?

When you seek professional assistance for electrical panel repairs, Mr. Electric of Ocala begins the process by conducting a thorough inspection. We place a high emphasis on carrying out detailed diagnostics to pinpoint the underlying causes of any electrical panel issues you may be experiencing. It's important to note that not all repairs stem from damaged components. In some cases, homeowners wish to upgrade their electrical systems to enhance electrical performance and convenience. This service may involve tasks such as the installation of a new electrical circuit or even a complete replacement of the electrical panel itself. Some common examples of electrical panel repairs we frequently handle include the following:

Electrical Panel Upgrades

If your electrical panel is outdated or no longer effective, we offer assistance in installing a new, high-performance electrical panel for you.

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Enhance your electrical service by having our highly skilled electrical team replace a frequently tripping breaker.

Electrical Circuit Installation

Enhancing electrical distribution within your home is achievable by installing a fresh circuit. This upgrade benefits many areas around your home, such as security systems, workshops, and high-power appliances.

Electrical Panel Rewiring

At times, your electrical panel may be in good condition, yet the wiring surrounding it could be outdated or damaged. Our service professionals can assist you and improve your electrical safety and performance by replacing the wiring linked to your electrical panel.

Bus Bar Replacement

Upgrading an aging or underperforming bus bar can significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of your entire electrical system.

Electrical Panel Relocation

If your electrical panel is inconveniently placed, we can assist in relocating it to a more suitable position in your home.

  • Circuit breakers are essential components within your electrical panel, serving as vital safeguards against the potential risks of overload. When necessary, these devices trip to interrupt the flow of electricity to a particular area within your home. It's important to note that factors like aging and extensive use can contribute to the malfunctioning of circuit breakers. In this context, Mr. Electric of Ocala provides valuable insights by outlining key signs that may indicate faulty breakers:

    • If a circuit breaker feels hot
    • If you can’t reset a circuit breaker
    • If your breakers trip too frequently
    • If your electrical panel is giving off a popping or sizzling sound
    • If the wiring is melted or frayed inside your household electrical panel
    • If a burning smell or visible smoke is coming from your electrical panel

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