Electrical Safety Services in Edmonton, AB

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Electrical Safety Inspections for Residents & Businesses

At Mr. Electric of Edmonton, the biggest priority is our customer’s safety. We have experienced electricians who can quickly and carefully put a wide range of safety measures in place in your home to keep it as safe as possible. Our measures include proven-effective methods, including thorough electrical safety inspections, childproofing outlets, wiring upgrades, and whole house surge protectors. Electrical issues are one of the largest causes of property damage in house fires. It’s vital to have a licensed and experienced electrician perform a comprehensive safety inspection to identify potential or existing electrical issues at your property.

While saying "out of sight, out of mind" might seem easier than investing in professional electrical services, your best choice is to trust an electrician's expertise and guidance when determining your home or business’s safety. Contact Mr. Electric of Edmonton today to schedule electrical safety services at your Edmonton or Sherwood Park, AB property. Our professional safety inspections come with a detailed, prioritized checklist of safety recommendations we offer to protect your home or business.

What Do Our Safety Inspections Include?

Electrical safety inspections and services provide homeowners and business owners peace of mind. Our inspections include a thorough examination of a property’s entire electrical system. We check to ensure all your electrical wires, systems, and components (including appliances) function correctly and meet legal safety standards. After completing your residential or commercial electrical safety inspection, we give you a detailed checklist, including areas needing immediate professional attention, recommendations for how to improve your electrical safety, and potential upgrade possibilities. When Mr. Electric of Edmonton’s professional team performs an electrical safety inspection, they always complete the following steps:

  • Check grounding systems
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check the electrical panel for appropriate labels and operation
  • Ensure light bulb wattage is correct for the fixtures
  • Switch and wall outlet operation and condition
  • Check ground fault circuit interrupting devices
  • Check arc fault circuit interrupting devices
  • Check for safety and security lighting
  • Check for appropriate surge protection
  • Check all outdoor electrical systems
  • Check fuse size and over-current protection
  • Inspect and report any potential hazards
  • Check that all junction boxes in attics and crawlspaces are secured

Why Do I Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

There are several reasons homeowners and business owners should have trained technicians conduct electrical safety inspections on their properties. Inspections provide the protection your property needs, and your insurance company may require electrical safety inspections to be eligible for policy coverage. Safety inspections can include the following benefits:

  • Offers homeowners peace of mind
  • Help you save energy
  • Help you save money
  • Maintain electrical safety throughout your home or business
  • Help you find and correct safety hazards before they become dangerous  

When Should I Get an Electrical Safety Inspection?

A trained and licensed professional should inspect your electrical safety equipment regularly. However, you should have one of Mr. Electric of Edmonton’s experienced electricians conduct an electrical safety inspection at your home or business when:

  • You’re buying a home
  • Your home is more than 40 years old
  • You’re preparing your house for an addition or renovations
  • Adding a new major appliance to your home

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Edmonton?

At Mr. Electric of Edmonton, we’re dedicated to employing safety beyond our workmanship. We uphold our higher professional standards and protect our customers by performing full background checks on all hired technicians. Customers entrust us with their residential and commercial electrical needs in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, AB because we maintain the following commitments:

  • Professionalism - Our electricians are polite and highly experienced, treating every customer’s home or business like it was their own.
  • Reliability – We require our technicians to undergo in-depth, ongoing training to ensure our team completes projects right the first time.
  • Safety – In addition to our team’s impressive qualifications and experience, we perform full background checks on all candidates we consider hiring as technicians.
  • Convenience – You get benefits like scheduled appointment times and upfront pricing to make your customer experience more convenient. Our comprehensive electrical services and industry-trusted products let customers get all the electrical solutions they need under one roof.

Schedule a Home Electrical Safety Inspection Today

When you need exceptional electrical services in or around Edmonton and Sherwood Park, AB, you can count on Mr. Electric of Edmonton’s expert electrical team. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can perform your home or business’s electrical safety inspection to ensure your property and everyone living or working in it is safe and sound. Whether you have specific concerns about your residential or commercial electrical system or haven't had an electrical home safety inspection in a while, our experienced electricians always provide the high-quality workmanship you deserve for your safety and peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule your home’s electrical safety inspection!