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Lighting Control Services in Edmonton, AB

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Controlling your lighting from anywhere in your home is an excellent addition to many homes. Mr. Electric of Edmonton offers homeowners lighting control solutions in Edmonton, AB. Lighting controls provide convenience and an eco-friendly way to control lighting throughout your home. Our remote traction control light solutions let you control the lights inside your property and in your outdoor living spaces. Contact us today to learn more about our lighting control solutions.

Lighting Control Services in Edmonton, AB

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

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  • A light control station lets you control multiple whole-house lighting scenes. You can control any room's lighting with the touch of a button. LED light controllers are the perfect way to set custom moods for each room and turn on lights without being in the same room.

  • Light timers are an excellent addition to your home's indoor or outdoor area to help reduce energy consumption. Light timers are perfect for holiday, pre-set, or landscaping lighting. You get safety and convenience in the form of easy lighting with light timers.

    Room Occupancy Sensor

    A room occupancy sensor turns on lights when motion is detected in a room. We can quickly install room occupancy sensors that react to motion. Many homeowners love the convenience of room occupancy sensors in their bathrooms and bedrooms. Room occupancy sensors are also fantastic in children's rooms for motion detection.

  • Lighting dimmers allow you to control the intensity of light in each room. You may want a bright space for cooking and a darker room for a romantic dinner. A lighting dimmer changes the depth and warmth of any room and acts as an energy-efficient lighting solution.

    Programmable Wired Lighting

    Wired lighting solutions let you control your lights from a central location. We can install programmable light pads that allow you to set your lights for up to a week. A programmable digital lamp timer lets you control your ceiling fans, holiday lights, lamps, and other devices. Wired lighting solutions are an excellent way to save energy and money.

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Lighting Control Benefits

Lighting controls boost the convenience and function of your living space. You'll get peace of mind and an additional feeling of security. If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, you will benefit from lighting controls:

  • Do you wish you could control the lights in your home with a remote control?
  • Do you wish you could switch on appliances with a remote?
  • Would you love it if your bathroom light came on when you entered the room?
  • Would you like to be able to turn on your outdoor security lights from inside your home? 
  • Do you wish your lighting options were pre-set to turn on at specific times?
  • Do you wish you could switch off the baby's room lights without waking them?

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