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Home Wiring Updates in Edmonton, AB

Qualified Electrical Solutions for Residential Wiring

Mr. Electric of Edmonton always prioritizes customer safety and satisfaction on every project. This dedication to exceptional service quality includes careful home wiring updates at Edmonton Sherwood Park, AB households with electrical issues like outdated wiring. Installing sufficient wiring in any home goes beyond ensuring its electrical system runs safely. A home wiring installation enhances a household's functionality and makes it more reliable while ensuring it can keep up with current homes' increasing power demands. Your home's wiring is rarely inspected after an electrical technician completes its installation, so an update may be necessary. Updating home electrical wiring is crucial in homes built over 40 years ago. Our wiring updates reduce your chances of tripped breakers, residential fires, and electric shocks.

Home Wiring Updates in Edmonton, AB

Qualified Electrical Solutions for Residential Wiring

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  • Any services, such as electrical updates, call for careful, professional work and expertise to ensure the best safety and work quality. Mr. Electric of Edmonton's electricians undergo thorough screening and background checks to ensure their qualifications and eligibility are valid before working for our company. Additionally, we ensure our technicians go through extensive training and skills development so their work quality consistently meets or exceeds our high standards.

  • We take safety and reliability seriously and dedicate our industry skills and expertise to finishing all projects with long-lasting results. Customers might need us to install whole house surge protectors, update their home's electrical wiring, or perform another service to improve their household. During all projects, we inform customers about all our work, their home's current and possible future electrical risks, and professional recommendations to upgrade their electrical system's performance.

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How Do I Know if My Wiring Needs Updating?

You might notice one or more of many possible signs with your home's electrical system indicating you need a home electrical wiring update. Mr. Electric of Edmonton has performed home wiring updates for countless homeowners with older homes and outdated wiring using our years of expertise and quick, efficient service. Our technicians also understand the latest electrical code updates and perform wiring updates and installations to comply with them. The following examples of home wiring situations indicate you need to update your home's electrical wiring:

You Have Old House Wiring

Rewiring a home's electrical system is a substantial and complex job. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Edmonton's licensed electrical experts don't always need to replace wiring completely in an old home. However, we will typically need to remove and replace some wiring in an older home. For instance, aluminum wiring found in homes built in the 1960s and 1970s is a widely recognized electrical safety hazard. There are other examples of hazardous wiring, such as pre-1930s homes with knob and tube wiring and homes built in the 1940s and 1950s with non-metallic wiring. Our electricians also replace frayed wires and loose connections resulting from wear and tear over time and botched do-it-yourself projects.

You Have Ungrounded, Two-Pronged Outlets

Mr. Electric of Edmonton is well-versed in various signs indicating a home has an outdated electrical system. One clear sign your home needs wiring updates is ungrounded, two-pronged outlets. These outlets are a substantial safety hazard that endangers your electronics and your family. Because of their lack of proper grounding, two-pronged outlets' electrical excesses don't have anywhere to go but into devices or people in contact with them. Even using a surge protector to power devices might not provide the protection you need for you and your devices from electrical excess. You can drop your shock risks quickly and safely by scheduling a visit from our technicians to install grounded wires and three-pronged outlets.

You're Missing GFCIs

GFCI outlets are easy to identify with the "Test" and "Reset" buttons on their receptacles. GFCIs protect your family and devices against electrical shock in high-moisture areas in and around your home. According to the current electrical code, homeowners are required to have GFCI outlets in their kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, utility rooms, unfinished basements, crawlspaces, spa or pool areas, and other areas. Generally, you also need to install GFCIs in all electrified areas outside your home. You risk a painful and dangerous shock if these residential areas don't have these inexpensive and easy-to-install devices.

You're Missing AFCIs

AFCIs are essential to ensure your family has safe and reliable energy use inside and outside your home. This technology prevents fire by acting like a circuit breaker. An AFCI outlet disconnects power when a potentially dangerous arc occurs. The Canadian electrical code requires all outlets in residential settings to be AFCI protected with only a few exceptions.

Your Appliance Outlets Are Insufficient

Not all outlets in your home are the same. For example, outlets designated to power appliances like ovens, washers, and dryers must safely draw a significant amount of electricity to power them to perform at their best. Home appliances haven't always needed special plugs in homes, but today, you need a 240-volt outlet in your home for each modern, heavy-duty appliance. Older electrical systems are known to have three-pronged plug wiring. Most of the latest 240 plugs feature four prongs to enhance electrical safety because they have a ground wire addition.

Your Home's Electrical Panel is Inadequate

Do you know how many amps your home requires to power all devices and appliances connected to its electrical system? 60-amp breaker wiring was sufficient for homes at least two decades ago, but contemporary homes generally require 100 to 200 amps to safely and sufficiently power all electronics and appliances a household uses simultaneously. These devices and appliances include mobile devices, flat-screen televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Installing upgraded breaker box wiring is a homeowner's best option to ensure it meets your home's increasing energy demands.

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