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Skilled Electrician In Wexford, PA

  • Have you heard that Wexford, PA is voted one of the top ten perfect suburbs in the United States? If you’re lucky enough to be a property owner in Wexford, you already know that. Not only are you a resident of a wonderful dense suburban town, but you are also within arm’s length of nearby communities throughout Allegheny County. If there’s one place that has it all, it’s Wexford—including services by our professional electricians! Wexford electricians from Mr. Electric of Cranberry Township can provide you with trusted electrical services that ensure any hazards, such as ground faults, overloaded and unprotected outlets are dealt with and that necessary precautions are taken, and new outlet installations are in place.
  • Safety is probably the most important factor to consider when hiring a licensed electrician. Wexford, PA homeowners that have moved into a new property as second (or even tenth) owners may want to make the required adjustments to feel safer. Whether you plan to replace electrical panels, install new light fixtures or whole home surge protection, we have every service you could need from a qualified electrician.
Mr. Electric, an electrician at the door of McCandless homeowner

Circuit Breaker Replacement

To understand the purpose of your circuit breaker, you will need to know your home’s overall electrical capacity—including all electronics and appliances. Adding a new device, no matter how small the wattage, could lead to a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. While these systems could easily last for over 30 years, a circuit breaker replacement will give you peace of mind.

Signs You Need Circuit Breaker Replacement

  • Existing breaker is over 25 years old.
  • Breaker was last installed by a previous property owner who did not document the last electrical inspection.
  • You experience frequent trips due to overloaded circuits.
  • Burning or fishy smells
  • You have outdated panels from the 1950s (FPE or Zinsco)

There are many benefits that come along with a professional replacement service. Your local Wexford electrician is a dedicated professional who works diligently through a checklist for enhanced safety. Before we do any electrical installation services, we run a detailed inspection throughout your property, calculating the amount of power you use regularly. Knowing your monthly kWh allows us to determine your load capacity so that your new circuit breaker will adequately distribute power throughout your property without faults.

When hiring a certified electrician, Wexford, PA property owners will get the perk of having a trained and experienced replacement specialist eliminate any risks of electrical fire and shock. We know the local and federal codes and are dedicated to working in compliance with licensed and trade requirements.

Dedicated Computer Circuits

Are you a well-organized work-from-home professional? If you are, it’s crucial to have a comfortable, reliable workstation that enhances productivity and focus. Some remote workers handle several computers and screens at the same time, often working with highly important data and other files.

A dedicated computer circuit means that your workstation has its own circuit breaker in your fuse box. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your computer circuits are independent of other home circuits that connect to your washing machine or dishwasher. Not only does this increase your productivity and protect you from a fire, but it also removes the inconvenience of power fluctuations and electrical noise.

More Safety Services from Your Local Wexford Electrician

  • Child-proof electrical outlets
  • Electrical wiring upgrades
  • Surge protector installation
  • GFCI installation
  • Safety service inspection
  • And much more!
An electrical panel with its door open and several new circuit breakers visible after they have been installed with services for circuit breaker replacement.

Indoor Lighting And Outdoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Having a suitable lighting system is about more than just creating ambiance—it has to serve a purpose for the given setting. Whether you’re preparing food in the kitchen, reading in your bedroom or need an appropriate night lamp to help you sleep better, choosing the right type is imperative to your health.

  • Bathroom And Kitchen: Are you renovating your bathroom or kitchen? Those are areas that require special lighting to enhance comfort or productivity. Custom lights that you can dim are highly recommended for these areas.
  • Living Room: Here, you are free to choose the best light suitable for any occasion, from a ceiling fan with a light or even accent and mood lighting fixtures.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: With people coming in and out every few seconds, you can’t rely on everyone to switch off the lights as they leave. In this case, energy-saving is key and can be achieved by installing convenient motion-sensing lights.

Outdoor Lighting

Do you have beautiful landscaping that you’d like to show off in the evenings? By hiring a professional electrician, Wexford PA residents can highlight any and all garden ornaments and decor they’d like. Having outdoor lights at night will also increase your security and enhance the picture on your security systems.

From installing sconces to your fence to motion-sensing systems, your Wexford electrician can install it all!

Several different hanging and recessed lights in a dining room and kitchen where new light installation has recently been completed.

Need A Wexford Electrician?

Instead of searching for a "Wexford electrician near me,” rely on the pros at Mr. Electric of Cranberry! Whether you need one of our local service professionals for a safety inspection, power outage or any other electrical service, we will rectify any faulty wiring or faulty breaker boxes. Power demands have increased due to the building of larger residential homes and more commercial buildings. You need skilled professionals that are capable of providing you with optimal electrical safety and comfort.

To schedule an appointment with an expert electrician in Wexford, call our customer service team today to learn more! Whether you’re in Wexford or one of the surrounding areas, including Butler, Allison Park or Mars, we have you covered.

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