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As a popular suburb of Pittsburgh, McCandless Township is ranked as one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. Its dense suburban environment has attracted many families, young professionals, and retirees to settle in McCandless with forever homes. Of course, owning a home isn’t a walk in the park when there are various systems you need to maintain, upgrade, or repair, and that includes an electrical repair service and maintenance from a professional McCandless electrician.

When you hire your local McCandless electrician from Mr. Electric of Cranberry Township, we will deliver guaranteed workmanship and superior customer service. We know the importance of maintaining a healthy, functional electrical service system; otherwise, we wouldn’t be your local, professional electrician in McCandless, PA. Homeowners in need of electrical emergencies or installation services can rely on our dependable, certified technicians to get the job done right the first time.

Electrical Safety Services By An Expert Electrician In McCandless, PA

Completing an electrical safety inspection is one of our McCandless electrician’s top areas of expertise; whether it’s installing childproof outlets, GFCI outlets, or surge protectors, you’re in safe hands with our experienced licensed electrician in McCandless, PA. Homeowners and business owners need to ensure everyone under their roof, whether it’s family or employees, is safe. You can’t ever be careful enough with safety, which is why our local McCandless electrician will always go the extra mile to meet your needs.

GFCI Outlets

A GFCI, short for ground fault circuit interrupter, is designed to monitor current flow, so in the event of a leakage, it will automatically cut power to your electrical circuit to prevent any shocks. Typical areas to have GFCI outlets include your kitchen, bathroom, and garage, where you might have high-voltage appliances in place or where there is a high risk of water coming in contact with wall plugs.

For your safety, your expert McCandless electrician offers regular maintenance that involves GFCI testing and upgrading. We’re also happy to inspect your home’s exterior plugs and outlets in your utility room to check if your GFCIs are up-to-date or whether you may need a power receptacle replacement.

Surge Protector

Have you ever plugged too many devices into one circuit and experienced an electrical overload? As this increased voltage shoots through your cables, it could cause severe damage to your home’s appliances, computers, and furnace. But that’s not the only time a power surge can occur. Imagine experiencing a power outage during a bad storm, and the moment power comes back, the jump in current could also result in a power surge, which is why it’s recommended that electronic devices are turned off during bad weather.

Having your local McCandless electrician install a whole-house surge protector will make a huge difference! By that, we do not mean the regular power strips you would get from the hardware store; instead, your knowledgeable electrician in McCandless will manually hard-wire your surge protector into your main electrical panel. This way, it’s able to resist multiple power surges. Any excess electricity is sent into metal oxide varistors within the strip, so all your electronics and appliances are protected.

A McCandless Electrician Near Me Can Help With Electrical Installations

Circuit panel replacement performed by an electrician in McCandless, PA

Getting new electronics or even a spa installation is always an exciting thing for homeowners, but it’s recommended that you have them safely and professionally installed by a licensed professional electrician in McCandless, PA. Property owners that seek to have an EVSE charger, spa installation, or a new circuit panel won’t be able or allowed to complete these complex types of installations on their own. This is where your expert McCandless electrician near me comes in!

Circuit Replacement

When you look at your circuit panel, the board containing all your power switches, you should be able to see the year it was installed and the last time it received service from a professional electrician in McCandless, PA. Homes that are older may be in need of a new circuit panel installation, especially when your current panel is already over 30 years old, and you are using upgraded electronic devices.

If you have been experiencing tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights, and over-warming devices, we recommend hiring your local McCandless electrician for an inspection and a potential circuit upgrade. Otherwise, you could risk having an electrical fire or a circuit overloading and failing in the future.

EVSE Chargers

If you have recently purchased an electric vehicle and regularly commute to the city, you may not have many issues finding a charging station. However, wouldn’t it be great if you had your own EV charger at home or at your local business? There are different charging levels, though, and it’s important to choose one that works best for you.

Newly installed EVSE charger in McCandless home

  • Level 1: This basic EV charger is cost-effective and easy to install. It only needs to be connected to a 120-volt power outlet, and you’re set! The only caveat is that it needs 11 to 20 hours to fully charge. So it depends on how many miles you cover each day. As long as it does not exceed 50 miles, you will be fine.
  • Level 2: If you need more reliance, a level 2 charger will make a huge difference. However, it needs to be plugged into a 240-volt outlet, which not all residential properties have. It’s common for some local businesses to have it for their employees and customers. With a 240-volt outlet, charging takes only four to eight hours.
  • Level 3: Level 3 chargers are equipped with an industrial level of power that ranges from 400 to 900 volts. You will commonly find them at public charging stations, but your local commercial electrician in McCandless, PA, also installs them for businesses.

Professional Lighting Installation By Our Electrician In McCandless, PA

Whether you are looking to brighten up your home or looking to add a flair to your outdoor oasis, our years of experience with installation means the technicians can replace any existing lighting electrical systems in and outside your home. Our licensed electricians can install everything from a chandelier to wiring in some patio lights to enhance your backyard oasis. No matter the electrical components you need, we have the expertise to handle it all efficiently and expertly.

Chandelier Installation

Our technicians understand the importance of elegance and lighting ambiance in your space. Our skilled and licensed electrical contractors specialize in seamlessly installing breathtaking chandeliers that transform any room into a captivating oasis. With precision and care, our team can handle everything from wiring it to secure mounting, ensuring a flawless and enchanting display. With so many choices out there, here are some of the variety done by our electricians in McCandless, PA:

  • Candle style
  • Crystal
  • Drum
  • Empire
  • Globe
  • Lantern
  • Plus, many more!

No matter which option you choose, or if you are having issues deciding, count on our team to help you narrow down the options, choosing a work of art that not only compliments your home but is a statement of your personality. Don’t let your chandelier dreams remain suspended—let’s illuminate your space in style and leave you hanging in awe!

Landscape Lighting

Nothing inspires you as much as when you walk into your garden or backyard oasis and feel illuminated by the dramatic touch of the lighting system. It is an improvement that takes your outdoor space to a new elevation. Mr. Electric offers you the full package of design, installation and repair services to help that breathtaking landscape come alive after dark.

Your outdoor lighting will do more than just light up your backyard. Landscape lighting sets the tone for any occasion, gathering or just a peaceful ambiance that your family and guests alike will enjoy. The top reasons to install your landscape lights with our team:

  • ambiance and entertainment
  • beauty
  • security
  • floodlights
  • safety
  • added value

With meticulous planning and skillful execution, our technicians strategically install a variety of fixtures to accentuate your outdoor spaces, enhancing both aesthetics and security. From enchanting garden pathways to captivating focal points, illuminating your outdoors with brilliance is one of the specialties of our electricians in McCandless, PA.

Looking For Electrical Repairs? We have you covered with our expert Electrician in McCandless, PA!

Electric zaps, lights that flicker and a ceiling fan that won’t turn on are all signs that you need an electrician in your home, as we understand all electrical tasks and can repair them promptly. No matter the job type, our experienced electricians can tackle troubleshooting a flicker to fixing faulty wiring, all with expertise and efficiency.

Electric Panel Repair

The panel controls all the electricity flowing in and outside your home and keeps your lights, appliances, and electronics ready for you. When aging wires or damage happens to the panel, you will need a repair as soon as possible to keep your family safe as well as avoid more costly issues down the road.

Lighting Repair

An expert technician should perform tests on equipment and all electrical services promptly while ensuring the safety and comfort of all who reside there, and that is exactly what you get from our licensed electrician in McCandless, PA. When the bedroom lights die, the basement bulbs won’t shine, or the landscaping lights are flickering, you can trust Mr. Electric to get the job done right the first time.

When Emergencies Happen, You Need A Qualified McCandless Electrician Near Me: Mr. Electric Is One Phone Call Away!

An emergency can happen at any time. Whether it’s an installation or electrical project gone wrong or the facility’s lights no longer work, our team of licensed electricians has you covered. We arrive promptly, do a visual inspection to determine the issue, then tackle the repair job, ensuring we don’t disrupt your busy schedule more than necessary.

Whatever the case, an electrical emergency is something no one has to deal with and reaching out to our team will ensure the job is done safely and correctly the first time. Our team is ready to respond to all urgent problems, from household construction projects gone wrong to commercial electrical switches that are wet. Day or night, any time of year, we will respond with an efficient response service you can count on. Call now to set up your services with an emergency electrician.

Professional & Licensed Commercial Electrician In McCandless, PA

At Mr. Electric, we not only service homeowners and all their electrical equipment needs, but we also understand and work with businesses and commercial establishments. Our expert technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle the complexities of commercial electrical and critical systems. From new installations to maintenance and repairs, we ensure your business operates smoothly and safely. Whether it’s office buildings, retail spaces, or industrial facilities, our team delivers efficient solutions that keep your business powered up.

Commercial Generator Installation

You need power to run your operations smoothly, and when the power goes out, you want a reliable backup. When you rely on our technicians to install a generator for your commercial backup generator, your employees and customers will remain comfortable and happy, no matter the situation that causes the outage. Furthermore, our advanced facility solutions ensure that all computer systems and electronic systems will stay functional and safe. Don’t gamble with your commercial electric needs. Let our technicians be the winning bet when it comes to keeping your business energized.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Lighting can make an impact on customers or dull your working environment, and we understand that finding the right lighting can make a world of difference. From simple projects of adding festive ambiance for a holiday to upgrading fluorescent bulbs with commercial ballasts, our team has the expertise, training and experience to get the job done. The top ways our team has helped commercial clients just like you:

  • custom lighting designed to your space and specifications
  • energy-efficient lighting solutions
  • ballast and bulb replacement
  • custom lights to transform your space

Don’t let your business fade into the shadows; let Mr. Electric shine a light on your business today. Let our team show you the professional difference with our licensed electricians in McCandless, PA.

Experience A Spark Of Excellence When You Rely On Our Electrician In McCandless, PA

Our dedicated team at Mr. Electric wants our community to feel safe in their homes or business, which is why our electrical services are designed to promote safety, longevity, and increased comfort. With a trusted McCandless electrician by your side, you can rest assured that they will meet all your residential and commercial needs by adhering to local building codes.

Whether you’re in McCandless or a surrounding area, including Mars, Allison Park, or Butler, give our friendly customer service staff a call to schedule your in-home appointment for dependable electrical repair services. Don’t settle for second-rate shocks; choose our experts from Mr. Electric and experience the professional difference with our electricians in McCandless, PA.