Cranberry Township Panel Upgrade

An electrician inspecting a breaker panel that has been recently installed with Cranberry Township electrical panel upgrade services.


We’ve only had the ability to harness and use electricity for a very short time compared to all of human history, but it’s already become the key to what makes our modern world go around, and our demand for electricity shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, which is a big part of why many homeowners and business owners need Cranberry Township panel upgrade services from a local electrician.

Think way back a few decades to what life was like back then. Far fewer electronic devices and appliances needed to be plugged in and powered, so we didn’t need to draw as much electricity from our systems. But times are changing, so your circuit breaker box needs an electrical panel upgrade to ensure it’s ready and capable of providing ample power to your household safely and efficiently.

Suppose you’ve been experiencing problems with your old circuit breaker box, and you’re adding a new appliance with a high power draw. In that case, count on your local Cranberry Township electrician to get it replaced, repaired, or upgraded. Plus, there are many other reasons why you may need a Cranberry Township panel upgrade. The team of licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Cranberry Township can provide expert electrical service for your entire system, including fixtures, appliances, and everything in between.

About Our Electrical Panel Upgrades in Cranberry Township, PA

Have you noticed sparks appearing from an outlet? Or do you hear odd popping, buzzing, crackling noises or smell a burnt odor? These are all red flags. One of the circuit breakers on your electrical panel has blown a gasket, and you may need a Cranberry panel upgrade service. Often, your electrical panel becomes glitchy because it’s made susceptible to a circuit overload, power surge, or short circuit, causing one of its circuit breakers to trip. Usually, this is due to an excessive number of electronic devices being used all at once. Because our home’s outlets each require a specific amount of wattage to function, when this is not doable, your panel’s circuit breaker begins to malfunction and, at times, stops working entirely. Although this may seem like a nuisance on your end as you’re all tapped out of electricity for the moment, it’s a beneficial safety mechanism protecting both yourself from electrocution and your appliances or outlets from getting damaged, resulting in the worst-case scenario of a house fire. Better yet, you can opt for an electrical panel upgrade in Cranberry Township, PA. It includes repairing or replacing circuit breakers to prevent short circuits. In doing so, you will bolster your home’s safety and energy efficiency, reduce the likelihood of a power outage and lengthen the lifespan of your appliances. As a homeowner, you may want to replace your electrical panel because you need to add more circuit breakers. Perhaps you have reached maximum capacity due to new appliances or are looking to transition from fuses to circuit breakers.

Unfortunately, many property owners assume that a Cranberry Township panel upgrade will, by default, provide more power to their home. But this is incorrect. If you hope to increase your home’s electrical carrying capacity, you need to improve its overall amperage. An expert electrician could install a brand-new breaker box, including accessories such as new cables and an electrical meter. Amperage is a measurement of volume that gauges the amount of electricity that flows through wires. The standard household’s electrical system relies on between 300 and 400 amps, with the average house consuming at least 200 amps.

With our heavy dependence on electricity for our daily routines, from charging our Smart devices to using our kitchen appliances, a Cranberry Township panel upgrade will inevitably be a convenient amenity. Through an electrical panel upgrade in Cranberry Township, you can expect your home’s overall power supply to increase, allowing you to use more electricity simultaneously. A 60 amp power source won’t allow your household members to use an electric stove, turn on the washing machine, run your desktop computer, and watch the TV. Instead, you need 200 amps or more to allow these components to function. That’s when you need a Cranberry Township electrical panel upgrade to transform your home into more energy efficient.

Types Of Electrical Panels We Handle

Main Breaker Panel

This main control center contains all the other electrical panels within your house. Its sole purpose is to regulate all the circuit breakers in your house, including your household’s overall electricity consumption.

Main Lug Panel

The main lug panel does not include a main breaker but instead relies on a key line wire attached to an electrical connector known as a lug. This electrical panel has an independent disconnect, so in the case of a crisis such as a house fire, emergency personnel, including firefighters, can cut off the power to the building without entering it.

Sub Panel

This is an electrical panel attached to the main breaker panel and branch circuits, and it acts as the middleman responsible for distributing power to different areas on your property.

Transfer Switches

A transfer switch is another type of sub-panel that transitions portable generator power into electrical power for your use via the main breaker panel. Suppose you live in a locality with unstable weather conditions, including scathing storms. In that case, this panel is useful as a backup power generator that utilizes an alternative energy source, such as propane or natural gas. To install a generator for your household’s use, you must install a transfer switch to the main electrical panel. This allows you to easily switch the generator on or off in case of an emergency power outage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Panel Upgrades in Cranberry Township, PA

What Is An Electrical Panel & Which Purpose Does It Serve?

Before you contemplate hiring an expert electrician, it’s best to become familiar with what consists of a basic household electrical system. Firstly, an electrical panel is generally the control center of your home’s power supply, including the default safety mechanism in case of a power outage. The electrical panel can be described as a large switch that turns on and off different electrical outlets in your home as it observes, monitors, and tracks your home’s electricity usage. A standard electrical panel is a service box that connects an external and main power line to a house and distributes electrical currents to various circuits within a home. The basic features of an electrical panel consist of the main breaker, circuit breakers, and bus bars (neutral bus bars and grounding bus bars thereof). The panel also consists of not just one but multiple circuit breakers or individual switches, which are responsible for different facets of your home, from your water-based appliances, for example, the dishwasher, refrigerator, clothes dryer, and water heater, to your room, for example, bathroom, kitchen, main living room, bedrooms, etc. Each circuit breaker has three poles or connection points. For example, a multipole circuit breaker can control many unrelated circuits simultaneously and is best reserved for appliances requiring a higher voltage, such as refrigerators. Every circuit breaker is responsible for interrupting the electrical flow in a circuit in case it’s been overloaded to avoid electrocution. Overall, your electrical panel’s circuit breakers operate smoothly for years until a receptacle or plug outlet blows a fuse due to tripped or overloaded circuit breaker.

What Causes An Electrical Panel To Malfunction?

One of the biggest culprits for your electrical panel going haywire is malfunctioning circuit breakers. As a system of electrical circuits, these are in charge of cutting off the flow of electricity in case the circuits overheat from being overused, which can result in a hazardous electrical house fire.


If an electrical panel becomes overloaded, it’s technically supplying more electrical current than it’s rated for based on your excess demand. Because each of your circuit breakers is designed for a specific capacity, if you happen to run an appliance that devours in excess of the amps, it cannot accommodate the circuit will overload. For example, turning on too many lighting fixtures or plugging in too many appliances. This can result in a tripped circuit breaker and permanent damage to your electrical lightbulbs, devices, and appliances, making your house vulnerable to a fire hazard. If the circuit breaker(s) trips more often than not, you likely must opt for an electrical panel upgrade in Cranberry Township, PA. You’ll need to refinish your home’s electrical system to meet modern and growing demands.

Short Circuits

A short circuit is a circumstance in which the electrical current flowing through a circuit discharges through a shortened pathway instead of following the original route through the circuit. As a result, this causes a short circuit. Sometimes a short circuit is due to faulty wiring, an old and damaged outlet, or loose box connections. Needless to say, a short circuit is more provocative and dangerous than an overload and is more likely to occur if an appliance’s wiring is frayed or the plug outlet it’s connected to is faulty. If you’ve whiffed a burning odor, it may indicate the circuit has peeked and has shut the circuit off to prevent a fire.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Surges

A GFCI also oversees the flow of the electrical current and also trips if it senses a power surge or some sort. Basically, GFCI’s sole purpose is to prevent electrical shock as it’s embedded into the outlet itself (as depicted by a “Test” and “Reset” button). GFCI outlets are more often than not found in moisture-prone areas of the house, especially the bathroom and kitchen areas, as there is a greater risk of electrocution. Normally a GFCI outlet trips due to extra moisture in the receptacle box, an overloaded circuit, an electrical fault, or a glitchy GFCI outlet. For example, if a hot electrical wire happens to brush against a grounded device, it can result in electrical shock.

What are the Signs My Property Requires an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

So how do you know if you need an upgrade right now or if it’s okay to wait a few years?

Here are some of the major warning signs that you need to call a skilled electrician in Cranberry Township to take care of electrical panel replacement:

  • Lighting is flickering when you turn on an appliance or fixture, attributed to increased electricity demand
  • Breaker trips when you try to use two appliances at once, or you’re concerned you’re pulling the maximum capacity of the circuit breaker
  • Breakers trip frequently for no clear reason
  • The breaker box is warm to the touch
  • Visible scorch marks or other signs of damage on the box
  • Unusual noises from the breaker box, such as buzzing, hissing, or crackling sounds
  • Melting or burning smells
  • Sparks coming from the breaker box
  • The power company has recommended electrical upgrades for your circuit breaker panel

It’s also a good idea to get an electric panel upgrade during a remodeling project for a room such as a kitchen with a lot of power-drawing appliances or extensive amounts of lighting.

What Are the Advantages of an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Cranberry Township, PA?

You may wonder if a Cranberry Township panel upgrade is needed or if you’re fine with continuing with an old or malfunctioning system that is still supplying power but not providing optimal service. Suppose you’ve got an aged breaker box that has been chugging along for several decades. So if you’ve noticed some signs of trouble, or you’re adding new household members or large appliances, there are some huge advantages to getting an electric panel upgrade for your home in Cranberry Township, PA. You may even be able to save some money on your energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of your home.

More Safety Features

A very old or malfunctioning circuit breaker box can pose a serious threat to your property and household by increasing the risk of house fires. This is especially true if you still have an old fuse box instead of circuit breaker switches, but even a more modern breaker box can be several decades old. Don’t increase your risk of hazards by letting an outdated panel take your home’s entire electrical load. A panel upgrade allows your qualified electrician to make sure all the components of your system are in great working condition and safe to use, along with adding extra safety features that older systems simply can’t use.

Increase Circuit Capacity

While the capacity of your current system may have been more than sufficient a few decades ago, there’s a lot more need for electricity in this day and age. If you don’t have an adequate power supply for everything you want to plug in, it can cause major problems ranging from flickering lights and tripped breakers to a complete outage. Overloaded circuits from power surges can also cause electrical shocks or fires. Our panel upgrade experts in Cranberry Township, PA, will ensure you have superior performance and enough electrical power to keep every electronic device in your house switched on with our panel installation services.

Boost Property Value

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the real estate market soon and looking for ways to increase property value, consider a panel upgrade for your home in Cranberry Township, PA. It’s a nice selling feature that will help to convince prospective buyers that the electrical system is in good condition and they won’t have to deal with any nasty surprises shortly after moving in.

How Long Does a Unit Last Before a Panel Upgrade is Necessary?

The time you can expect your single breaker box to last depends on factors such as how much maintenance your system gets over the years and your choice of electrical panel brands. But as a general rule of thumb, if it’s more than about 25 years old, it’s time for a panel upgrade. Taking care of this replacement early on can prevent an expensive repair from a breaker that’s using more than its electrical capacity and has caught fire.

Can an Electrical Panel Upgrade Lower Energy Costs in Cranberry Township, PA?

That depends on the age and condition of your current panel. If it’s giving off noticeable heat, you could have an issue with grounding or bonding that is causing it to draw more power than it really needs, and of course, that electrical usage is reflected in the amount you have to pay on your monthly utility bills. A panel upgrade will eliminate that problem, so you can increase your energy savings.

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