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Your Trusted Warrendale Electrician

  • Warrendale is a hidden gem in the north of Pittsburgh. And like every homeowner, Warrendale residents take pride in maintaining their properties. However, there is more than just seasonal maintenance, checkups, and renovations. One of the most overlooked duties include taking care of your home’s power sources, such as your electrical panel, circuit breakers, and many other electrical services that might be overdue. Fortunately, our local Warrendale electrician team is here to help.
  • Mr. Electric of Cranberry Township has provided locals throughout Allegheny County with trusted electrical inspection, installation and safety services for many years. We are proud to be a member of Neighborly’s home service providers who are dedicated to guiding local clients safely through electrical projects and making any electrical repair or replacement service worthwhile.
  • Whether you are moving into a brand-new home, renovating or simply replacing outdated electrical systems, having a qualified electrician in Warrendale, PA deal with electrical installations is imperative to ensure safety and quality.
Mr. Electric, an electrician at the door of McCandless homeowner

Circuit Upgrades And Installations

Your circuit breaker may have served you for many decades until one day you experience a trip or a blown fuse. The reasons for this vary from an overload to ground faults to short circuits. Sometimes, a mere electrical wiring fault is the culprit, or you may have added new electronics to your household that require a certain level of wattage to run. Either way, having your local Warrendale electrician check your circuit breaker panel’s overall capacity and age could save you from a potential fire or electrical shock.

Benefits Of a Circuit Replacement

  • Minimize risks of circuit overloads
  • Enhance home’s safety.
  • Improve home’s energy efficiency.
  • Prevent potential electrical emergencies.
  • More efficient appliances
  • Install additional circuits (i.e., dedicated computer circuit)

When And Why, You Should Consider an Upgrade

Whether you have experienced any trips or blown fuses, it’s a good idea to base your decision on whether to make repairs or get a replacement based on your breaker’s age. While most electrical systems last between 30 and 40 years, upgrading it after 20 or 25 years could give you some peace of mind if you plan to upgrade kitchen appliances or add new electronics. To be on the safe side, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician. Warrendale, PA homeowners will benefit from an inspection, energy audit and a calculation of your home’s overall energy use.

There are different circuit breaker types that vary in size, energy capacity and other functions. Once our Warrendale electrician has calculated your daily or monthly energy use, we’ll be able to determine a type most suited for your needs. As an additional benefit, why not install a GFCI outlet to prevent fatal electric shocks? These outlets are able to detect ground faults and prevent fires. With a circuit replacement and upgrade, you will enhance the safety of those in your household.

Backup Generator

Severe weather conditions and other natural occurrences can put a dent in your daily routine during the worst times. While the city can’t provide you with any emergency services, you can rely on a backup generator. Installing a backup generator in your residential or commercial buildings will keep you safe during power outages in the middle of a cold spell or during an important conference.

Generator Sizes

Whether you’re supplying your household with power or an entire work department, choosing the right generator size is important and so is hiring a reputable electrician. Warrendale, PA property owners can choose from the following generator types:

  • Portable: Portable generators are highly convenient and have the ability to supply you with 5,000 to 7,500 watts. Unlike standby units, they are cheaper, but can only run a few electronics or appliances at once. It may also be tempting to place portable units indoors but we strictly suggest against this. Whether it’s gas- or propane-powered, no generator should ever be installed inside your home due to carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Standby: Standby generators need to be properly installed and connected with automatic transfer switches so that in the event of a power failure, it will immediately kick in. They typically produce between 10,000 and 20,000 watts or even more depending on the size.

Your local Warrendale electrician will be happy to help you measure the overall power requirements so that you choose the size most suitable for your needs.

EV Charger Installation

Did you recently invest in an electric vehicle and are frustrated that there aren’t many public charging stations unless you go all the way into the city? What if we said we could install your very own charging station within the comfort of your home? Mr. Electric can meet all your needs for electrical vehicle charger installation.

A factory Level 1 charger comes standard with most EVs and allows you to simply plug in to an existing outlet to use. The only downside is that this charger requires up to 20 hours to fully charge your EV. On the other hand, a Level 2 requires your professional electrician in Warrendale, PA to securely install it. As a result, its integrated 240-volt circuit will charge your EV within hours!

Need something more powerful than a Level 2 EV charger? Level 3 chargers are available for commercial or industrial settings. Whether you want to propose a Level 3 EV charger installation at your workplace or contact your municipality about a desired installation, we are happy to back you up!

An electrical vehicle charger installed in a garage.
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