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Your Skilled Glenshaw Electrician

  • As a popular A-graded suburb of Pittsburgh, Glenshaw offers its residents a rural vibe with a strong sense of community. Over 90 percent of Glenshaw’s residents happily own their homes! This means that no one knows your sacred space better than you. Our skilful Glenshaw electrician team understands the stress of maintaining one’s property. Despite taking care of each task, unexpected incidents like a circuit break, generator failure, exhaust breakdown, and other electrical failures can occur. They often require you to spend more money than anticipated, leading you to put more money toward your annual maintenance and repair costs.
  • Your local Glenshaw electrician at Mr. Electric of Cranberry Township is a home service expert specializing in light fixture installation and repair, electric panel upgrades, and circuit breaker replacement. As a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in partnering with the leading experts at Neighbourly, our professional electricians in Glenshaw PA are dedicated to serving local residents, including surrounding areas.

  • How often do you hire a local Glenshaw electrician for electrical safety inspections? Unfortunately, it does not count if your answer involves hiring a telecommunications technician because all they do is ensure you have access to the internet and TV. Ultimately, to obtain these sources of entertainment, you require power. Depending on how often you upgrade your appliances or electronic systems or how many more devices you add to your household, you might overwhelm your circuit breaker, which can only take so much capacity. Or in the event of a power outage in the middle of winter, you need a backup generator to restart your furnace and recover the loss of power.

    Our trusted Glenshaw electrician experts bring many years of experience in professional electrical services that ensure enhanced safety and, if you like, ambiance with outdoor lighting systems.

An electrician from Mr. Electric standing at a customer’s door.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

We have a wide variety of components that constitute a panel upgrade. As your Glenshaw electricians sit tight, watching modern technology advance, there is not enough emphasis on electrical panel upgrades for business owners and homeowners.

Your electrical panel—also known as the distribution board—is the power source that connects the main power line with your home. Within the panel are circuit breaker switches which are responsible for distributing electrical circuits throughout your property. To ensure your breaker panel is in working order, your Glenshaw electrician recommends routine maintenance and inspection, especially when you are going through an update or renovation where electrical wiring should be upgraded or replaced.

Signs You Need a Breaker Panel Upgrade

  • Lights still flicker after replacement.
  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Fuses keep blowing.
  • Overheating circuit breakers
  • System can’t handle too many appliances/electronics operating at the same time anymore.
  • Old age

Whether you seek to upgrade your circuit breaker or the overall breaker system in your residential or commercial building, rely on your reputable electrician. Glenshaw PA homeowners and business owners need a team of insured and licensed electricians who are familiar with federal and local codes. By hiring us, you’ll get the peace of mind that the job is done safely and efficiently. Our residential and commercial electricians have you covered! We’ll ensure you’re protected from any future issues and won’t need emergency repairs during the worst time imaginable. If the current wiring system in your home is old, and you’ve been experiencing recurring problems, you could be susceptible to a house fire. Contact your local Glenshaw electrician for an immediate inspection service. 

An open electrical panel on the wall of a home after the panel has been upgraded.

EVSE Charger Installation Service

Have you already made that decision and switched to an electric vehicle? Some parts of the world are still behind with public EV charging stations, except that Mr. Electric is ahead of time and installs highly advanced charging systems on your property with professional services for all kinds of EVSE installations.

EVSE Charger Defined

It stands for electric vehicle supply equipment, designed to charge your EV where it’s most convenient for you. There are three specific charge levels to consider.

  • Level One: This is a standard charger that works efficiently; however, slowly (up to 20 hours for a full charge). Depending on how quickly you want to be fully charged, this may not be the best choice.
  • Level Two: Unlike the first one, this charger needs to be professionally installed by a qualified electrician. Customers in Glenshaw PA will benefit from an efficient 240-volt circuit that will charge your vehicle within three hours.
  • Level Three: Want even better? Level three is only available for industrial and some commercial applications. Those chargers use 480-volt circuits that add about 100 miles or more of charge per hour. They are more expensive to purchase and install.

Prior to EVSE Charger Installation

There are a number of preparatory safety procedures your Glenshaw electrician needs to do before the Level Two installation service. We’ll require EV inspection documentation and will also perform a free Home Safety Check to ensure a thorough site inspection. You may need an electrical system upgrade to accommodate the 240-volt circuit (40 amps). You can trust your expert electrician in Glenshaw PA to provide you with a detailed consultation and perform a safe installation service.

An electrical vehicle charger installed in a garage.

Additional Glenshaw Electrician Services

Your Glenshaw electrician near me has more skills up their sleeves! It does not end here. Check the below list to see if there are any electrical issues that our team of expert technicians can help you with.

  • Circuit breaker replacement: Whether you have an old circuit breaker box or a new one, it requires electrical panel maintenance to ensure it continues to perform even if you add new appliances and other devices that require additional power. Consider upgrading to a breaker with greater capacity.
  • Energy savings, energy audits: Want a clear view of how much electricity you actually use and how you can control it? When hiring a commercial or residential electrician, Glenshaw PA property owners will get a detailed energy bill analysis and a step-by-step guide for energy saving.
  • Lighting fixtures: Are you doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel and need lighting advice? Trust your Glenshaw electrician to help you choose the best light for cooking, cutting, and eating. Or create the best ambiance for outdoor events.
  • Ceiling fan installation: Need something to help you keep your heating and cooling bills down? Ceiling fans will help you save at least 15 percent on the money spent on your monthly bills by distributing cooled air or keeping heated furnace air from rising up too fast.
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors: Whether you need them installed or inspected, we’ll ensure you’re safe and follow local codes.
A hanging chandelier installed as a foyer light in a Glenshaw home.
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