Colorado Springs Electrical Panel Upgrade Service

Power is among the very best amenities our modern homes have to offer. We use it for survival, to warm our homes, cook our food and heat our water, but also in dozens of ways that make life more comfortable and entertaining, or support us in our career missions. Over the years, as technological innovation has advanced, our electrical demands have skyrocketed. That increased need improves the quality of our lives—but it also puts a huge strain on our systems, which is why the occasional Colorado Springs electrical panel upgrade is necessary.

Whether your system is showing signs of damage or it's just struggling to handle the demands of your household, an electrical panel upgrade completed by an experienced Colorado Springs electrician can increase the comfort, safety, convenience and value of your residential or commercial property.

If you suspect it is time for an electrical panel upgrade project, then you need a Colorado Springs Electrician. The team of service professionals at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs will get your electrical issue resolved with electrical panel upgrades before it spirals into an even bigger problem. We have years of experience working in the Colorado Springs area, along with the training and licensing needed to follow all applicable building codes and maintain strict adherence to safety measures. 

How to Tell When You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Colorado Springs

Most homeowners don't pay much attention to their power systems in general or their breaker box in particular. As long as you can keep plugging things in and having them turn on, everything is fine—right? Unfortunately that's not always the case. A catastrophic breakdown in which the whole system shuts down and there's no power at all is usually preceded by a long period of deterioration during which your system gives you multiple warning signs that something's not right. If you are aware of the symptoms that indicate your Colorado Springs home needs an electrical panel upgrade from a professional electrician, you can get it taken care of before it gets worse and causes safety issues for your household.

Lights are Flickering

If the lights in your home are flickering ominously, you don't need an exorcist—you need a qualified electrician. In fact, many seemingly supernatural occurrences in Colorado Springs can be traced back to faulty electrical systems. If flickering lights happen now and then during thunderstorms or other strong weather patterns, it's likely nothing to be concerned about—harsh weather can cause minor disruptions in your power supply that cause some flickering or may cut the power out altogether for a few minutes. But if you notice the lights flickering frequently, even during calm weather, there is likely an issue with your electrical connections, electrical wiring or breaker panel that requires an electrical upgrade.

Can't Use Two Appliances at Once

Do you have to be careful not to turn on the microwave while the clothes dryer is running? That's definitely not a good sign. If your circuit breaker switch flips when you try to use multiple modern appliances at the same time, you are dealing with overloaded circuits that can't handle your household's demand. It's normal for a breaker switch to flip when there is a surge of power, to prevent damage to your appliances. But if it's happening whenever you try to use your appliances at the same time, it is definitely time for an electrical panel upgrade in Colorado Springs.

Frequent Breaker Trips

Speaking of tripping your circuit breakers, is this a problem that happens even when you're not using a lot of appliances at once? If the switches on your breaker box often turn themselves off for no obvious reason, it is probably related to the fact that your electrical service panel does not have adequate capacity for your electrical usage. Your circuits are designed to flip off when they draw too much power, but it may be that they're drawing more than they were designed to—and still not getting enough energy to power your modern home in Colorado Springs. An upgrade will solve the problem, so you have ample power without any irritating disruptions from a tripped breaker.

Burning or Melting Smells

Have you ever seen the plastic “candles” in a faux chandelier actually start to melt? It's not a pleasant sight—or smell. If you have a problem with your system that is causing burning or melting, you may be able to see visible evidence of it. It's a lot more likely that you'll smell the problem before you see it, and you might never see it at all if it's hidden behind a wall or switch cover. Whether the smell is coming from the panel itself or it's more localized near an outlet or switch, it is a very serious safety concern that cannot be ignored.

If you smell the odor of burning or melting plastic and you can't place it, shut off your power immediately by flipping the main breaker switch and call your local Colorado Springs electrician. This is a big reason why regular electrical panel inspections are important—they give your electrician the opportunity to notice potential issues and correct them before they threaten the safety of your home and family.

Panel Is Warm to Touch

Place your hand against the outside of your panel box. It should be more or less room temperature, no warmer. If you notice the box itself is radiating warmth, that is one of the physical signs that your house's electrical load has surpassed your panel capacity and you need the help of a skilled Colorado Springs electrician. It could also be that the capacity is fine but the panel is malfunctioning. If you also smell the odor of hot metal, it may be related to faulty wiring. Regardless of the cause, this is a sign that something's not right. That issue could be a safety risk, so it should be checked out by an electrician as soon as possible.

Strange Sounds from Panel

While you're getting up close and personal with your panel box to see if it's shedding radiant heat, pause and listen to it as well. For the most part, your breakers should be operating silently, with the occasional clicking noise when a breaker is flipped. If you hear buzzing, hissing or crackling sounds coming from the panel, that's a problem. Those types of noises are generally related to faulty wiring or loose connections that cause damage to your panel over time. You may need the circuit breaker box replaced, but it's likely some of the wiring will need replacement as well.

Installing a New Appliance or Amenity

If you are planning on purchasing a new appliance with a high power draw, or you're thinking of adding a major amenity such as a Level 2 charging station that can fast-charge electric vehicles, you will likely need an upgrade. Your current system may be handling the demand just fine at the moment, but adding a 240-volt EV charger or another type of appliance that requires a lot of power will push it over the edge and you'll quickly begin experiencing power capacity issues around your house. It makes sense to have your electrician inspect your system and make sure it's up to snuff, or do the necessary electrical panel upgrade to get it there, before you bring in your new purchase.

Corrosion or External Damage to Panel

If you see rust or other signs of corroded metal on the outside of your breaker box, that is a big concern. It means it has been exposed to excessive moisture, which can cause severe problems inside the panel and create major safety concerns that can lead to electric shocks. The water is coming from somewhere, so it is important to find and repair the source of moisture before you have the panel replaced or the problem will just reoccur with the new installation.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs for an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

We rely on our systems for so much, from convenience and comfort to survival. That's why it's so stressful when something isn't working as it should. You don't have to struggle alone with those problems when a licensed electrician at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs is waiting for your call.

Our skilled service professionals have all the necessary training and experience to take care of your home's power upgrades effectively and efficiently, including electrical panel repair and installation. We always prioritize safety and adhere to all applicable electrical codes in Colorado Springs. We'll arrive on time for your scheduled appointment with all the electrical equipment we need and address any questions or concerns you may have before we get started, to ensure that our quality of service meets or exceeds your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Professional Electrical Panel Upgrade in Colorado Springs:

Will an Electric Panel Upgrade Reduce My Energy Costs in Colorado Springs?

If the energy costs on your monthly utility bill seem excessively high and you're not sure why because your electrical usage isn't outrageous, there could be an issue with grounding or bonding within your system. If your panel is giving off a lot of noticeable heat, this symptom could be resolved with an electrical panel upgrade. But it's more likely that there are other parts of your wiring or system that need to be repaired or replaced. Your local electrician can perform a thorough inspection of your system and make an educated diagnosis of what exactly is going on. We can also give you our experienced recommendation for the best course of action to reduce your system's energy wastage.

Another way to help reduce the cost of your energy use is by having your electrician install high-efficiency electric appliances. If you have older appliances, even if they are functioning normally, they are not as energy efficient as new models. Manufacturers are constantly working on improving the efficiency of their products and appliances tend to lose efficiency as they age. Those factors combined mean that getting new Energy Star-certified models installed can save you a lot of money on your utility bill.

We're Adding a New Member to Our Household—Do We Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Just like adding a new appliance can increase your demand for electricity and cause your panel to struggle, adding a new person who will, of course, use their fair share of power can create the same problem, especially if you don't currently have 200-amp service. That's true whether you have a family member or roommate moving in, or you're expecting a little bundle of joy. 

If it's the latter, you may need to make some baby proofing modifications to your home anyway, so it can be helpful to add an electric upgrade to your list. That way, you have peace of mind knowing your home is in perfect condition and ready for increased power use. It also pays to consider future electrical needs. If you plan on adding more people to your household over the next few years, the best time for a panel upgrade is right now.

How Long Can My Panel Last Without an Upgrade?

If your current panel is more than 25 years old, you may need an upgrade. Modern homes in Colorado Springs have a circuit breaker box installed when they are constructed, but many older homes may still have fuse boxes. Fuses can pose a higher risk of fire than circuit breakers, but they are not unsafe as long as they are properly maintained. Fuses are, however, a lot more difficult to maintain because every time there is a power surge, the fuse blows and must be replaced. With a modern breaker box, the circuit switch just flips off during a power surge and can simply be switched back on. If the existing electrical panel in your Colorado Springs home is a fuse box, it's time for a modern electrical panel replacement. New installation of fuse boxes was phased out in the 1960s and 1970s, so it's probably on its last leg anyway.

Or, maybe your existing panel is a circuit breaker box but it's still at least 25 years old—or potentially much older than that. Think of life two decades ago, for example. Fewer computers, fewer devices that required charging and many appliances with weaker power draws. It doesn't take much to realize older electrical panels that were more than adequate many years ago are simply not prepared for the demands of the modern world. Your panel can also suffer wear and tear over time from factors such as power surges. A 200-amp panel upgrade will ensure you have all the power you need from a safe, efficient breaker box.

Is Your Colorado Springs Home Showing Signs That You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Whether you are in Colorado Springs or a nearby community such as Fort Carson, Fountain or Monument, you can rely on the professional electricians at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs to deliver the highest standards of workmanship and customer care.

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