Mr. Electric of Chesapeake

Electrician in Chesapeake, VA

Electricity makes the modern world go round. When your power shorts out, call Mr. Electric® of Chesapeake for quick and convenient repairs. We offer our electrical expertise in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Suffolk and the surrounding area. Your home or business is in good hands, whether you’re hoping to overhaul the wiring or install ceiling fans. Our promise to you is the best work, whether your needs are common or complicated. We represent Chesapeake City County’s electric solutions with pride.

When you need electrical services in Chesapeake, VA, make sure that you turn to a reliable team of electricians. At Mr. Electric of Chesapeake, we offer a full lineup of electrical repair and installation services. Whether you need assistance in your home or at your office, you can count on us to deliver high-quality work on your terms.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we maintain up-to-date information on federal, state, and local electrical codes. Whether you need us to fix a malfunctioning outlet, replace redundant wiring, or complete a whole-home electrical upgrade, we’ll do the job right the first time. If you have more advanced needs, we’re also happy to perform home energy audits and install customized lighting.

Emergency Electricians

Relying on the resources of a trusted international brand, the locally owned and operated Mr. Electric of Chesapeake is able to offer dependable electrical services. If you live in Norfolk, Suffolk, or Virginia Beach, the choice is clear. We have electricians available in your area seven days a week, and emergency services are available 24/7. To set up an appointment, give us a call today.

Electrical Improvements


When you plan home improvement projects, don’t forget to call Mr. Electric. We’ll provide you the roadmap to renovations that will transform your space and conserve energy. We offer professional care for programmable thermostats, custom lighting and data and communication lines. Any upgrades can boost your business or home’s value.

Specialty Lighting


Making a home or office merry can lead to head and heartaches when you attempt to install lights on your own. Let Mr. Electric relieve the pressure of hanging holiday adornments with our professional power. Choose from an assortment of light options including icicle, bubble and multicolored bulb lights. Our team will ensure your space stays dazzling all season long with installation and maintenance, plus we’ll take them down after the holidays.

Safety and Security

Electrical Safety

Don’t rely on store-bought wall plugs to keep kiddos out of the outlets. Our professionals will install tamperproof outlets to keep children safe from their own curiosity. The shutter-system we offer allows for adults to enjoy the moments instead of worrying them away.

Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Protect your expensive electronic devices with the peace of mind a whole house surge protector offers.  Storms, faulty electrical wiring, and unexpected issues with the power company's lines can all cause a harmful power surge.

Picture of a generator outside a building

Generator Installation

Mr. Electric offers professional home and commercial generator installation.  Ensure the safety of your belongings and family in the event of a natural disaster or unplanned power outage with a home standby generator.  Commercial generators keep your employees and customers safe and your systems up and running.  A licensed professional will install your generator, and since safety is our top priority, and we will arrange for an inspection of the generator to make sure that all local codes and regulations are met.