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Entryway Lighting Ideas

Entryway Lighting Ideas.

An entryway provides visitors with their first impression of the home’s interior. That makes this space an ideal spot to set the tone for the décor throughout the house. Installing the right entryway lighting is a great way to enhance the space’s color scheme, artwork, and furnishings.

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Types of Entryway Light Fixtures

Choosing the right light fixtures for an entryway depends on several factors. Because these spaces tend to be small, it’s important to choose a fixture that “fits” the room’s scale.

Here are five of the best ideas for transforming a foyer with entryway light fixtures.

1. Chandelier

Entryway Chandelier.A tall entryway ceiling will easily accommodate a classic chandelier. Be sure to choose a chandelier that isn’t too wide for the open ceiling space. Want a bold design that isn’t the same old glass or crystal chandelier? Consider nontraditional designs made of fabric, wood, metal, or even plastic.

2. Pendant Light

Pendant Light.Another wonderful option for entryways with high ceilings is a pendant light. A single pendant hanging from the ceiling can be a great choice for small or narrow entryways with plenty of ceiling height. There are many options available, including glass or metal shades, or even wooden encasements. Make a statement with a large, shadeless Edison light hanging from the cord.

3. Dome Light

Entryway Domelight.A dome light is the standard light fixture in many homes. Dome lights require minimal space, making them a good choice for entryways with standard ceiling heights. And because many homes are built with dome lights in mind, they are usually easy to install and replace. A wide range of dome light styles are available today, so they can coordinate well with many décor styles.

4. Wall Sconces

Wall Sconce Lighting.If the entryway ceiling is too low for a chandelier or pendant light, consider adding wall sconces. They are a functional and attractive lighting option that few people consider for their interior spaces. And if the entryway doesn’t contain many wall decorations, filling some empty areas with wall sconces will help the area feel less bare. Installing a wall sconce may require cutting a hole through the drywall; this makes wall sconce installation a job best suited for a professional electrician.

5. Tray Lighting

Tray Lighting.If the entryway features a tray ceiling, this is a golden opportunity to make a statement with subtle, dimmable tray lighting. This can be done by placing LED strips along the tray edges and connecting them to a dimmer switch. Then, controlling the mood of the entryway is as simple as sliding the dimmer up or down.

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