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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to creating a lighting scheme, bathrooms and powder rooms pose unique challenges. They often have a small footprint, low ceilings, and limited natural light. These factors also make good bathroom lighting all the more important – and why it’s crucial to work with a professional electrician who understands how to light a bathroom effectively.

The best lighting for bathrooms provides even, general lighting throughout the room, plus bright task lighting at the mirror for those intricate personal grooming routines.

Depending on your bathroom layout, you may also need a light placed directly above the shower or tub. And if you have a separate water closet for your toilet, you will need a ceiling light in there as well.

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How to Light a Bathroom

If you want to start refreshing your home one room at a time, the bathroom can be a great place to start. It’s probably the smallest room in your house, so you could put up a fresh coat of paint and get new light fixtures installed in no time. Once you have this win under your belt, you’ll build momentum and feel energized to tackle the next room.

Need some ideas to get you started? Check out these bathroom lighting tips for inspiration.

Vanity Lights

Bathroom Vanity Lights.What above-sink mirror is complete without vanity lights? A well-lit mirror makes it easier to shave, put on makeup, and make sure we’re ready to tackle the day. Upgrade your old fixture with stylish new vanity lights. Choose a row of bare vanity bulbs above the mirror, or place a small sconce on either side of the mirror. The best light bulbs for bathrooms are bright white bulbs, which provide the best possible visibility.

Wall Sconces

Bathroom Wall Sconce Lighting.Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house. They can also be some of the darkest, due to their size or their windowless interior location. A wall sconce light can brighten up even the darkest little bathroom without taking up valuable space. Powder room lighting is another ideal purpose for stylish wall sconces.

Do you have a dark bathroom without windows? Check out our pro tips for lighting bathrooms with no windows.

Want a ceiling fan in your bedroom, but there’s no existing wiring or fixture? Mr. Electric can help with that.

Bathroom Vent Fan with Light (and Heat?)

Bathroom Vent With Fan Lighting.With few exceptions, bathrooms should have vent fans. You may not know there are three levels of exhaust fans to choose from. First you have the basic vent fan that directs moisture and odors outside the house. The second level adds a ceiling light to the vent fan. A bathroom vent fan with a light can provide adequate general lighting for many bathrooms. Or, elevate the bathroom experience with a three-in-one model: vent fan, ceiling light, and heat lamp. Those winter morning showers will be so much more enjoyable with a bathroom heater light keeping the bathroom toasty!

Want to make your tiny bathroom feel bigger? Check out these painting tips for small bathrooms from Five Star Painting.

Professional Bathroom Lighting Installation Service

Your local Mr. Electric can perform professional lighting installations throughout your home. Ready to transform your bathroom environment with new light fixtures? You can schedule an appointment online or call us.

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