Spring Cleaning: Light Globes

Picture of a yellow light globe

Your winter essentials are tucked away for next season, and your spring cleaning routine is nearly complete. From floors to windows, your home is sparkling – but don’t forget to look a little higher to those light fixtures!

Dust, mummified bugs, and other debris can accumulate in light globes and on light bulbs, blocking light. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, those dust-bunny laden bulbs and light globes shed 30% less light than clean ones, wasting energy.

Ready for bulb and light globe spring cleaning?

  • Gather your tools.
    Most fixture can be removed by hand with a simple hand twist or turn with a Phillips head screw driver, but it doesn’t hurt have to have a flathead screwdriver and pair of plyers on standby for fixtures too old or tight for a hand turn. Unless you’re built like a basketball player you’ll probably need a step ladder or folding ladder as well.
  • Gear-up.
    Grab a pair of safety glasses, a hat or hair wrap, and disposable or construction gloves if you wish. Popcorn, drywall dust, and fixture debris can strike your eyes and contaminate hair without warning, and globes surrounding incandescent lights can get quite hot.
  • Remove.
    When removing light globes, first turn off lights to ensure bulbs and globes are cool to the touch – especially if you’re sporting ancient incandescents. Carefully remove light globes and place them in safe location. When you’re done, wipe bulbs with a dry, lint-free cloth. (If you use a damp cloth, water can invade crevices in the lamp and damage electronics.)
  • Scrub-a-dub.
    • Hand wash
      Hand washing light globes is recommended because light globes may shatter in the dishwasher, ruining both devices. To clean, simply fill a sink with warm soapy water, gently scrub with a soft cloth, and pat dry with a lint-free towel or cloth.
    • Dishwasher
      If you have a large number of globes or can’t stand the thought of washing them by hand, you can use the dishwasher – with a little extra work. Place light globes on the top rack, making certain they're well secured. Add dishwashing detergent and a rinse aid to prevent spots. Be certain to remove before drying cycle begins and towel dry instead. Only wash plain glass light globes. Wood, metal, and decorative trim could be damaged in the dishwashing process, and towel drying instead — the heat from the dishwasher could wreck them.
  • Replace.
    Put your spring cleaning safety gear back on, and securely fasten light globes back over bulbs where they belong.

Look like it’s going to take a little more than spring cleaning to brighten up your home? From added circuits to new fixtures and bulb upgrades, Mr. Electric® has you covered. Contact us today.


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