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Circuit Breaker Replacement in Bluffton, SC

Professional Circuit Breaker Services

One of the most common upgrades we install involves the home’s circuit breaker. Your circuit breaker must stay updated with modern electronic advancements, or your home is at risk of a fire. Mr. Electric of the Low Country performs circuit breaker replacement services in Bluffton, SC. If your lights continually flicker, or you smell a burning odor near your circuit breaker panel, let us perform an electrical inspection to determine if you need circuit breaker replacement services. Reach out to us to learn more about our professional circuit breaker replacement services.

Circuit Breaker Replacement in Bluffton, SC

Professional Circuit Breaker Services

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  • Your home’s circuit breaker is always working. If it cannot handle the energy demands of the modern technology in your home, you will notice signs of a struggle. It’s vital to address circuit breaker problems to boost your home’s safety. Our professional circuit breaker replacement services lower the risk of electrocution and fire in your home. Older circuit breakers were not built with enough power to run today’s technology. When we replace your circuit breaker, you will notice a boost in power and energy efficiency. Our team helps extend the lifespan of your modern-day appliances.

  • We can perform an electric inspection to determine when it is time to replace your circuit breakers. We recommend staying alert for signs that your electrical system is struggling to keep up with your energy demands. Below, we list the most common signs that it is time to upgrade your current circuit breaker panel.

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Physical Damage

Physical damage is the most common sign that you need a circuit breaker replacement. When your circuit breaker has dents or cracks, the safety of your system is compromised. 

Circuit Overload

Frequently tripped circuit breakers indicate that your system cannot keep up with your home’s energy demands. Failing circuits often trip, so they will not cause overheating or frayed wires.

Burning Odor

When faulty circuit breakers overheat, you will often smell a burning odor. Faulty circuit breakers can lead to fires or electrical shock. 

Older Home

If your home is over 25 years old, your electrical panel may be struggling to keep up with your energy demands. We can inspect your current system’s health. 

Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion wear down your circuit breaker panel. If you notice any signs of rust, it’s important to contact us immediately. 

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Faulty circuit breakers are just some of the electrical fixtures in your home that may need circuit breaker replacement services. Outdated circuit breakers also include Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), fuse boxes, and Zinsco electrical panels. Each unit poses a significant safety and health hazard in your home. They must be removed and replaced as soon as possible.

Essential Professional Circuit Breaker Replacement

Unless you have the proper training, it is never a good idea to handle electrical services. Our service professionals have the knowledge, training, and safety protocols to install your circuit breaker correctly. Improper installation can cause faulty fixtures that lead to a risk of electric shock, risk or fire, and decreased functionality.

  • Mr. Electric of the Low Country performs electrical inspection services when we visit your home. We can help determine the best electrical upgrades for you. If you need a circuit breaker replacement, we will help you understand your options. We always offer estimates before performing any services. We’re committed to helping your home meet your energy demands without the risk of fire. We understand electricity and want to help lower the risk of fire in your home. Trust us with all your electrical needs.

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    Highly recommended! Installed my Tesla Charger and it was a difficult project with my breaker box in the basement but it was no issue at all.

    Tyler H.
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    Natasha came by and fixed all of our identified issues. She was quick, courteous and was a good communicator. Will use Mr. Electric again next time for sure.

    Les M.
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    Amazing job and professionalism was outstanding. I recommend to anyone with electrical needs.

    Javi L.
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