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EV Chargers Installation & Service in Bluffton, SC

Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Your Home

An electric vehicle can be an exciting investment and mode of transportation, but you need the right EV charging station set up to ensure your new car has power when you need it. Mr. Electric of The Low Country offers professional EVSE charger installation and service to Bluffton, SC area homeowners and business owners. We can install a Mr. Electric EV charger or your car manufacturer’s charger. Additionally, Mr. Electric is a certified Tesla charger installer. You can trust our electrical technicians to perform EVSE charger installation services for your recently purchased electric car or if you want to install EVSE charging stations for visitors and staff at your business location. Reach out to us today to request an accurate estimate of what a new EVSE charger will cost.
EV Chargers Installation & Service in Bluffton, SC

Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Your Home

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  • An EV charger recharges your electric vehicle by supplying it with electrical energy. A charging station is a dedicated circuit that requires the correct amount of power to charge your electric car, truck, or SUV. For safety reasons, an EVSE charger requires a breaker specifically for it. Mr. Electric of The Low Country’s professional team will work with you to select the correct charger type to install at your home or business in Beaufort, Hardeeville, Hilton Head, Bluffton, or Okatie, SC. You’re in highly capable hands if you turn to us when looking for an EVSE charger to keep your vehicle fully charged. Whether you plan ahead to ensure you have a station immediately or realize your home needs a charging option after investing in an electric car, we cover your needs with impressive EVSE charger options and exceptional installations.
  • The current market’s available EVSE chargers come in three types. Finding the right type for your electric vehicle depends on your setup, driving habits, preferences, and budget. We’ve described each of your options for EVSE chargers below:

    • Level 1 Charger – Dealerships commonly give you this charger type when you buy any electric vehicle. Level one chargers plug into any standard three-prong outlet like those in your garage, so you don’t need to install them. While this option may sound appealing, the downside of a level one charger is it takes much longer to charge your vehicle before you can drive it. Getting a full charge can take at least 20 hours when using a level one EVSE charger. This longer charging time works for some drivers when they can leave their cars to charge overnight and typically drive a low number of miles in a day.
    • Level 2 Charger – This charger type is the next step up and requires professional installation and a dedicated 240-volt circuit. With level two chargers, charging your electric vehicle will take about three hours to reach a full charge. Many auto manufacturers today include level two chargers when people purchase electric cars, trucks, and SUVs, but drivers should never make their charger installation a DIY project. Working with electricity is unsafe for untrained people and should be left to professional electrical experts with industry training.
    • Level 3 Charger – Manufacturers design these standalone EVSE chargers for use as public charging stations. Level three chargers require an industrial-level power drain that’s unsuitable for homeowners to use. Charging an electric battery takes about an hour and a half to add 160 miles of driving time when charging with a level three charger. Our highly trained technicians can install level three chargers at nearly any Georgia place of business.
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What You Can Expect From Mr. Electric of The Low Country

When you hire Mr. Electric of The Low Country for EVSE charger installation and service, you can expect reliable craftsmanship and friendly service. Our uniformed electricians always show up on time and get the job done right the first time. Mr. Electric is a certified Tesla charger installer. When you work with us on an EV charger installation project, you can also expect us to:

  • Inspect all your equipment ahead of time
  • Install all equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Replace your circuit breaker with a 40-amp, 240-volt circuit breaker, and replace your wiring with 8-AWG wiring
  • Follow the standards of the National Electrical Code and local permit/code requirements
  • Test equipment after installation
  • Explain everything to you, including the charger’s features, correct use, maintenance, and terms of the warranty
  • EV Charger Installation and Replacement

    When it comes to charging up your new EV in half the time, there’s nothing better than a Level 2 charger. And when it comes to installing a fast, efficient Level 2 home charger in your garage, driveway, or carport, you can trust the licensed electricians at your local Mr. Electric®.

  • EV Charger Repair and Service

    Whatever brand of charging station you have, Mr. Electric can repair all components for your home charging station, including: power control units (PCU), battery monitoring systems (BMS), converters, power modules, cords, rectifiers, and dispensers.

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