Professional Surge Protector Installation Services in Houston, TX

Installing Whole House Surge Protectors for Homeowners

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Many Houston, TX homeowners believe their electrical devices are protected by their surge suppressors, but often that simply isn’t true. Mr. Electric of Northwest Houston offers whole house surge protectors for homeowners in Houston, Tomball, and Conroe, TX. This whole house surge protectors service will protect your valuable electronics that can be compromised by power surges. The standard low-cost, multi-outlet surge suppressor will not give you the protection you might think. Proper protection includes a surge protector being hard-wired into your main electrical panel by our team of licensed and insured electricians. Learn more about whole house surge protectors installations and get in touch with us to request a quote.

What Are Power Surges?

Understanding power surges will reinforce the importance of investing in a whole house surge protector system. A power surge can occur when a sudden increase in voltage substantially exceeds the standard voltage of 120. During a power surge, the wiring inside your devices will overheat and start to burn. Most homeowners have thousands of dollars in valuable electronics, including computers, televisions, stereos, microwaves, phones that require charging, and more. Most of those gadgets contain microchips or circuitry, making them very sensitive to fluctuations in voltage. Be proactive and protect your belongings with whole house surge protector installation from Mr. Electric of Northwest Houston. We can install multiple types of whole house surge protectors based on what’s best for you. Don’t allow a power surge to compromise the performance of your devices and potentially destroy them.

What Causes a Power Surge?

Power surges can happen for many reasons, with the most common being the everyday operation of your heavy-duty electronic devices. Large appliances such as clothes dryers, air conditioners, and refrigerators need a significant amount of electricity to operate their motors and compressors. Other possible causes of power surges include:

  • Downed power lines
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Issues with the utility company’s equipment, such as transformers and power lines
  • Lighting strikes, although somewhat rare

What Are Surge Protectors?

Now that you know more about power surges, the good news is that you have a way to protect your valuable devices against them. A surge protector is a power strip that you plug multiple devices into. Surge protectors pass electric current from an electrical outlet to all the devices plugged into the power strip. When a spike or surge happens, the surge protector redirects any extra electricity into metal oxide varistors in the power strip. The power strips you buy in the store or online only give you limited protection and should be replaced after every power surge. Whole house surge protectors are your best option to protect your valuable belongings.

How Do Whole House Surge Protectors Work?

Whole house surge protectors are somewhat similar to cheaper surge protectors, but the whole house version is able to withstand several power surges without needing to be replaced. Whole home surge protectors protect all your household appliances and devices from being damaged by electrical surges. Mr. Electric of Northwest Houston’s trained professionals install whole house surge protectors and ensure the job gets done safely and efficiently. We would be happy to answer your questions related to the cost of whole house surge protectors.

Schedule Your Surge Protector Installation

Over the years, you’ve likely spent a lot of money acquiring all your appliances and electronic devices. Mr. Electric of Northwest Houston can help you protect your investment by upgrading your surge protection for peace of mind. Contact us today to request a quote.