Commercial Circuit Installations & Upgrades in Houston, TX

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

Mr. Electric Protects Your Family & Appliances

As emerging technology creates new gadgets to make your professional life better, your business’s aging electrical system may not be able to support all your appliances and devices. Mr. Electric of Northwest Houston has an expert team offering commercial circuit installation and upgrades for Houston, Tomball, and Conroe, TX companies. Upgrading your circuitry ensures your system can safely support all your present and future electrical needs. When our experts install electrical circuit panel upgrades at your business, you won’t worry about us damaging your electrical system or valuable devices. Get in touch with us today to learn more about circuit installations and upgrades and get an estimate for service.

How to Prevent an Electrical Circuit Overload

Preventing electric circuit overloads at your business is crucial to maintain productivity. This issue occurs if you transfer more amperage across an electrical wire than your circuit can support. An example of a risky overload situation is plugging a computer tower and a laser printer into the same outlet. If your circuit’s amperage isn’t enough to support electricity for both devices, your circuit breaker will trip. Tripped circuit breakers disconnect power to all devices connected to that circuit, and your company’s productivity grinds to a halt. Preventing circuit overloads is critical because this issue can cause an electrical fire. To avoid this potential problem, you must upgrade your business’s wiring and outlets to ensure they have the electrical capacity you need. Mr. Electric of Northwest Houston’s licensed and experienced electricians are proficient at installing circuit breakers designed to support your electrical demands.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Circuits

Many business owners don’t know when their electrical circuits need an upgrade. Additionally, other professionals worry about the money installing electrical circuit panel upgrades costs. It’s worth the investment to safeguard your family and technology by having our professionals upgrade your circuits at an affordable price. We’ve described the following reasons why you should upgrade your circuits today:

  • Overloaded Outlets – If your business’s circuit breakers trip often, your circuits need upgrading. Other reasons include wanting to add more outlets for your equipment and devices or relying on too many power strips or extension cords.
  • Specialty Lighting – Do you want to enhance your business’s look and functionality with specialty lighting? You can upgrade your circuits to support track lighting, task lighting, wall sconces, mood lighting, recessed lighting, and more.
  • Security Systems – Preventing break-ins and keeping your property safe is a worthwhile investment, but a security system’s control panel requires circuits that can support it.
  • Appliances – Whether you’re performing appliance upgrades or moving into a new space, you may need additional outlets for your printers, vending machines, and other equipment in breakrooms, copy rooms, and other areas.
  • Ceiling Fans –Turning off your ceiling fan while leaving the lights on at the flip of a switch can be easy with a circuit upgrade.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – You can make plenty of outdoor additions to extend your usable space, support your holiday lights, or create a sunny space for employees or customers. Upgrading your circuits lets you add features like a hot tube, pool, steam room, sauna, a new sprinkler system, or security lighting.
  • Emergency Generator Installation – Ensure your business has the electricity to run devices and equipment during blackouts. You’ll need a dedicated sub-panel if you decide to add an emergency generator to your business.
  • Office Equipment – With more Texans working hybrid work schedules than ever before, your company may require more power outlets to support office equipment when employees work on-site.
  • Entertainment Centers – The break room and entertainment areas around your property can use substantial power to support televisions, stereos, speakers, DVD players, and even video gaming systems. Upgrading your circuits gives you the capacity your business needs to plug in all of these devices safely.
  • Cable or Satellite TV – Adding cable or satellite television to offices or lobbies around your property can be easy when you upgrade your circuits.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – You can install solar panels, a solar water heater, or electric vehicle charging stations to make the most of your business property.
  • Garage or Workshop – If you spend significant time toiling away in a workshop, you probably already know how irritating it is to constantly unplug and re-plug devices every time you need to use your power tools. We can make your space more functional by adding additional outlets.

Trust Our Electricians for New Circuit Installations

Homeowners and business owners trust Mr. Electric of Northwest Houston as a versatile electrical service provider in Houston, Tomball, and Conroe, TX. We will gladly answer any questions about your business’s electrical system and can complete an assessment to determine any necessary upgrades. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate.