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Landscape Lighting Installation in Norman, OK

Landscape lighting does more than just illuminate your home. It draws attention to the beauty of your landscaping, your home’s architectural features, and design elements like fountains and ponds. Landscape lighting also enhances your home’s safety and deters prowlers and animals. At Mr. Electric of Norman, we understand how important landscape lighting is, and our goal is to enhance your home's beauty, comfort, convenience, and safety through our landscape lighting installation services. We will work closely with you every step of the way to design, install, and maintain gorgeous landscape lighting. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate for the cost of landscape lighting installation in Norman, OK.

Landscape Lighting Installation in Norman, OK
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  • Hiring our experienced electrical service technicians to install outdoor landscaping lighting will make your home more beautiful and comfortable and make your outdoor living spaces safer and more ambient. The biggest benefits of investing in the cost to install landscape lighting are:

    • Highlighting the beauty of your garden and landscape design
    • Drawing attention to landscaping, architectural features, hardscaping, and water features
    • Preventing trips and falls by illuminating pathways and obstacles
    • Deterring prowlers, burglars, and vandals
    • Keeping animals away from your garden and plants
    • Improving the curb appeal and resale value of your property
    • Making it easier to use outdoor living spaces at night
  • When we install landscape lighting, we do more than just connect some lights throughout your yard. We offer thoughtful, sustainable, and energy-efficient landscape lighting design. Lighting design can highlight design elements in your landscaping, hardscaping, water features, and architecture. The right landscape lighting can make a space feel bigger and add ambiance to an outdoor living space. Quality landscape lighting design will make an outdoor space more comfortable, inviting, and relaxing, making you more likely to use it at night. We will combine multiple types, styles, and designs of lighting features to create the most beautiful and functional landscape lighting design possible.

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Our Landscape Lighting Services

We offer full-service landscape lighting services. We will work closely with you from beginning to end of your landscape lighting project, including choosing the right type of lights to use, planning the layout and design, completing installation, and caring for and maintaining your lights post-installation. We specialize in deck lighting, patio lighting, pool and spa lighting, garden lighting, and more. Our landscape lighting services include:

  • Landscape Lighting Design – We can help you determine what types of landscape lights to use, where to install them, and how to arrange them for maximum impact and optimal illumination. We will handle every step of the design process, from initial plans and consultations to determining where to dig and how we will access your electrical grid from your outdoor spaces.
  • Landscape Lighting Installation – We will complete landscape lighting installation according to the National Electric Code and all other local and federal codes and regulations. We will secure all necessary permits and ensure we don’t dig into utility lines. We will maintain the safety and value of your property throughout the installation process. Our landscape lighting installations are safe, energy efficient, and can operate in any weather.
  • Landscape Lighting Repair and Maintenance – We will help you extend the lifespan of your landscape lighting system by providing professional repairs and maintenance. We can inspect for signs of degradation and damage due to weather, insects, and animals and replace broken and damaged parts. We can also replace wiring and other electrical components.
  • If you don’t know how to install landscape lighting yourself, it’s best to hire a professional. Landscape lighting installation requires an expert-level knowledge of electrical systems and wiring. Trying to install outdoor landscape lighting yourself can result in electrical shock, electrocution, burns, and other injuries. You might also damage your property. Our professional electrical service technicians have extensive experience in lighting installation, wiring upgrades, electrical outlet installation, electrical safety, and more. We complete all lighting installations according to the National Electric Code and will ensure that your landscape lighting installation is done safely and correctly the first time. We will also secure permits and schedule inspections before digging trenches for electrical installations and wiring. We specialize in energy-efficient and low-voltage landscape lighting installations that look beautiful, reduce energy usage, and are safe in all weather.

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