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Electrical Safety Inspections in Norman, OK

Commercial & Residential Electrical Safety Inspections

Do you ever wonder about the condition of your home’s electrical system? For the average homeowner, it can be hard to tell if your wiring or electrical panel is outdated or working fine. If you’re a safety-conscious homeowner aware of the more than 50,000 electrical home fires each year, your electrical system might keep you up at night. Let us help you rest easier. Mr. Electric of Norman offers electrical safety inspections in Norman, Oklahoma. When we perform a safety inspection, we assess the safety of your entire electrical system. Whether there’s an outlet that should be a GFCI or a section of unsafe wiring, we’ll find it and fix it for you. Before we perform any repairs, we will give you a detailed checklist that outlines all the services we recommend, drawing particular attention to any urgent safety concerns. Learn more about getting a residential electrical safety inspection.

Electrical Safety Inspections in Norman, OK

Commercial & Residential Electrical Safety Inspections

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  • If your home’s light switches, outlets, and lighting fixtures seem to be working correctly, it can be easy to forget about getting a routine electrical safety inspection. If you’re living life on a budget, you might even put it off on purpose because you’re afraid of the electrical safety inspection cost. If an electrical safety inspection can prevent a single accident, like a fire or injury, it will pay for itself. However, there are many other benefits to getting a home safety inspection. Some of the reasons to consider getting an electrical safety inspection include:

    • Increase your peace of mind
    • Enhance your home’s energy efficiency
    • Make your home safer
    • Reduce your energy costs
    • Catch safety hazards early
  • Many homeowners are confused about how often they need to get an electrical safety inspection. At a minimum, you should have a licensed electrician inspect your home every three years because that’s how often the National Electrical Code is updated. You should consider getting safety inspections every year if you live in an older home or use more energy than the average homeowner. Some of the other times you should consider getting an electrical home safety inspection include:

    • When you are buying a home
    • After your home turns 40 years old
    • While you are renovating your home
    • Before adding your next big home appliance
  • While homeowners love us in Norman, many businesses and commercial property owners have also come to rely on our world-class electricians. Electrical safety inspections are never more important than when you have a commercial property constantly occupied by employees and visitors. You can prevent electrical problems that might disrupt your business operations with the help of Mr. Electric of Norman. When we perform a commercial electrical safety inspection for you, you can expect:

    • Professionalism – Our uniformed electricians will respect your property and carefully avoid interrupting the normal operations within your building or facility.
    • Reliability – You can count on our electricians because they undergo continuous training at all times. On top of that, all our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise®.
    • Safety – We perform complete background checks on everyone we hire, so you know you’re always in safe hands.
    • Convenience – We schedule appointments around your schedule. That way, you don’t have to worry about us interrupting your staff or customers.
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What to Expect During an Electrical Home Safety Inspection

We take pride in performing the most thorough safety inspections. Whether you have a new home or an old home, our licensed electricians will be able to check every component of your electrical system. Our team takes an aggressive approach when it comes to safety because we care. Some of the common services we might perform during an electrical safety inspection include:

  • Checking smoke detectors
  • Replacing smoke detector batteries
  • Testing carbon monoxide detectors
  • Replacing batteries in carbon monoxide detectors
  • Checking the labels on your electrical panel
  • Testing your circuit breakers for proper amperage
  • Ensuring that light bulbs are safe for all light fixtures
  • Assessing the condition of all outlets and switches
  • Looking for ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets
  • Looking for arc fault interrupter (AFCI) outlets
  • Checking safety and security lights
  • Checking over-current protection and fuse size
  • General safety hazard assessment
  • Securing junction boxes in attics or crawlspaces
  • An electrical safety inspection is a comprehensive review conducted by a licensed professional from Mr. Electric of Norman to ensure a space meets established safety standards. This procedure involves assessing, testing, and verifying the operational integrity of electrical installations and equipment against the current electrical codes. The inspection covers various components, including wiring, systems, and devices, to identify potential hazards, defects, or areas for improvement. The primary aim is to safeguard occupants from electrical shocks, fires, and other risks, thus preventing property damage and personal injury.

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