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EVSE Charger Installation in Norman, OK

Installing the Fastest Home EV Chargers

If you own or plan to own an electric vehicle, you will need a way to charge it. A high-speed charger can completely change your experience as an EV owner. Unfortunately, the best home EV charging stations require changes to your home’s electrical system, which means you need professional help to install one. Don’t worry. Mr. Electric of Norman offers EVSE charger installation services in Norman, Oklahoma. Learn more about home EVSE charger installation and services.
EVSE Charger Installation in Norman, OK

Installing the Fastest Home EV Chargers

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  • When you decide to work with Mr. Electric of Norman on an EVSE charger installation project, you can expect the same craftsmanship and friendly service you’ve come to expect from our team of licensed electricians. We follow careful procedures when installing EV charges that ensure high-quality results and electrical safety. During an EVSE charger installation and service appointment we will:

    • Inspect your equipment before installing it
    • Inspect the area to ensure the charger is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications
    • Upgrade your electrical system to a 40-amp, 240-volt circuit with 8-AWG wiring that will maximize your charging speed
    • Test your equipment after installation
    • Give you a primer on proper usage, maintenance, and ownership
Mr. Electric electrician installing an EV charger.

The Types of EVSE Chargers

The first thing you need to know about installing an EV charger in your home is that there are three levels of chargers. Level 1 is the slowest, but it does come standard with almost any EV. Level 2 is the upgrade that most homeowners eventually make because it offers faster charging speeds. Level 1 chargers add about four miles for every hour of charging, while Level 2 chargers can add as much as 25 miles of range in just an hour of charging. We offer EVSE charger installation and service for any of the following types of chargers:

  • Level 1 Charger – Level 1 chargers usually don’t require professional installation because they can be plugged into your standard three-pronged outlet. The downside to Level 1 chargers is their relatively slow charging speed. You will usually need to charge your EV overnight if you only have a Level 1 charger because it can take up to 20 hours to charge your battery completely.
  • Level 2 Charger – Level 2 chargers are much faster, charging a battery in as little as three hours. However, if you want a Level 2 charger, you will need professional EVSE charger installation services because they require a special 240-volt circuit that can be hardwired or provided through an outlet.
  • Level 3 Charger – You’ll usually see Level 3 chargers at public charging stations and commercial properties. These are the most powerful type of EV charger, adding more than 150 miles of range in just 30 minutes of charging.
  • If you are a short-distance driver, you might be able to make do with a Level 1 charger. You will be able to recharge your battery overnight. Most EV owners eventually decide to upgrade to a Leve 2 charger because of the drastically quicker charging speed. If you have a busy day, where you need to run errands in the morning and go out on the town at night, your Level 1 charger just won’t be able to keep up with you. A high-speed Level 2 charger can completely refill your battery in the middle of the day to keep you going.
  • EV Charger Installation and Replacement

    When it comes to charging up your new EV in half the time, there’s nothing better than a Level 2 charger. And when it comes to installing a fast, efficient Level 2 home charger in your garage, driveway, or carport, you can trust the licensed electricians at your local Mr. Electric®.

  • EV Charger Repair and Service

    Whatever brand of charging station you have, Mr. Electric can repair all components for your home charging station, including: power control units (PCU), battery monitoring systems (BMS), converters, power modules, cords, rectifiers, and dispensers.

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