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Child-Proof Outlets in Norman, OK

Installing child-proof outlets in your home will make your home safer, whether you currently have children in your home or not. Child-proof outlets also protect your outlets from wear and tear, pest damage, dust, and other issues that could cause safety issues or malfunctions. At Mr. Electric of Norman, we specialize in home electrical safety. We begin each job with an electrical safety inspection, during which we evaluate the age, condition, performance, efficiency, and safety of every electrical component in your home. If you are preparing for the arrival of a child in your home, have friends or family with children who visit often, or just want to make your home outlets safer, our team can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment to install child-proof outlets in Norman, OK.

Child-Proof Outlets in Norman, OK
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  • A child-proof outlet, also called a tamper-resistant outlet or tamper-resistant receptacle (TRR) is a specialized safety outlet that prevents items from being stuck inside. Approximately 7 children each year are injured, and six die resulting from electrical shock or burns from sticking objects into outlets. Installing child-proof outlets is a simple, cost-effective, and reliable solution to prevent injury or death. Our electrical service technicians can install child-proof outlets anywhere you have standard outlets installed.

  • Child-proof outlets look like regular outlets but are covered with a spring-loaded plate that blocks off the slots. If equal pressure is applied to both slots, the cover plate opens and allows the plug to make contact. The cover plate stays closed if there is no simultaneous pressure, such as when a child tries to stick something in an outlet.

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When and Why Do You Need a Child-Proof Outlet?

The National Electric Code requires that child-proof outlets be installed in schools, doctor’s office waiting rooms, public buildings, places of assembly, daycare centers, pediatrician’s offices, patient rooms, public bathrooms, playrooms, public areas, and guest suites in motels and hotels, and public areas in hospitals and medical facilities. If you have children in your home or are planning to have children, or if children visit your home regularly, you should have child-proof outlets installed. Installing child-proof outlets will:

  • Reduce the risk of electric shock, electrocution, or burns
  • Easy for adults to use but hard for children to use
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Prevent dust and dirt from getting into the outlet
  • Prevent insects or bugs from getting into the outlet
  • Extend the lifespan of your outlets
  • Increase fire safety

You should also consider installing child-proof outlets if you have an elderly adult in your home who has dementia or Alzheimer’s or is at risk of dementia.

  • We specialize in electrical safety services and begin each job with a thorough electrical safety inspection. During this inspection, we will evaluate the age, condition, performance, efficiency, and safety of all electrical components in your home. Our child-proof outlet and GFCI outlet installation services will make your home safer and reduce the risk of shock and electrocution. Call us today to schedule:

    • Child-proof outlet installation
    • Child-proof outlet testing or replacement
    • GFCI outlet installation
    • Outlet installation and replacement
    • Electrical code updates
    • Wiring upgrades
    • Electrical panel and circuit breaker repair or replacements
    • Whole house surge protector installation

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