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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Norman, OK

Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades From the Pros

There are many reasons to upgrade your electrical panel. Whether you want to give more power to your home appliances or improve your home’s electrical safety features, you will need a team of licensed electricians by your side throughout the process. Your electrical box is the point where raw electricity from the power grid enters your home. So, it’s one of the most dangerous parts of your electrical system to handle. Homeowners in the Norman, Oklahoma area have come to rely on Mr. Electric of Norman for safe and reliable electrical panel upgrades. When done right, upgrading your electrical panel can be an exciting project that brings more power and safety to your home. Learn more about our residential electrical panel upgrades.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Norman, OK

Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades From the Pros

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  • Your electrical panel is responsible for safely distributing electricity to the various circuits within your home. Inside your electrical panel, you will find several circuit breakers. Your circuit breakers monitor the amount of power running through each individual circuit. You will notice that certain circuits are labeled for the areas of the home they control, such as the kitchen or the garage. If your circuit breaker registers a surge or electrical overload, it will trip, instantly cutting off the flow of electricity to that part of the home. This amazing modern safety feature routinely prevents instances of home fires and electrocutions.

    If your breaker trips, resetting it is easy. You simply find the breaker switch that is out of place and flip it back. Some breakers will require you to switch them all the way off before resetting them. You will also notice a breaker at the top of your electrical panel, separated from the rest. This is your main switch. It controls power to all the circuits of your home. You can flip this if you need to cut power to your entire home.

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When to Consider Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Most electrical panels will last about 25 years. After that, they begin to have routine problems and a higher likelihood of failure. On top of that, if your electrical panel is over 25 years old, it may be one of the many types of electrical panels that are now considered defective and obsolete. You may want to upgrade your electrical panel simply if you need more power in your home. The most common sign you need to upgrade your electrical panel is the number of trips you take to your breaker box to reset a tripped breaker. This usually means you need to upgrade to a higher capacity breaker, such as 200-amp service. Some of the other times that you should consider an electrical panel upgrade include:

  • When you hear a crackling sound coming from your electrical panel
  • When you notice rust or corrosion on your circuit breakers
  • When your electrical panel is warm to the touch
  • When your appliances begin to run slower than normal
  • When you don’t have GFCI outlets in your bathroom and kitchen
  • When you use extension cords and power strips on a routine basis
  • When you only have 60-amp breakers
  • When you have 100-amp breakers, but you still can’t use all your appliances at the same time
  • When you have a fuse block panel or split bus panel, which you can identify because they do not have a main breaker at the top of the electrical panel
  • Knowing when to upgrade your home's electrical panel is essential to keep everything running smoothly and safely. Think of your electrical panel as the heart of your home's electricity; it controls all the power going to your lights, TV, computer, and other gadgets. Here are some signs that it might be time for an upgrade with Mr. Electric of Norman:

    Flickering or Dimming Lights

    If your lights start acting like they're part of a spooky movie, flickering or dimming when you use other appliances, it means your electrical panel might be struggling to keep up with your home's power needs.

    Breakers Tripping Frequently

    Circuit breakers are like safety guards. They trip or shut off electricity when there's too much power demand, preventing dangerous situations. If you're constantly running to flip your breakers back on, your panel might not be fit to handle your electricity needs anymore.

    Old or Outdated Panel

    If your house still has a fuse box or a panel older than 20 years old, it's time for an upgrade. Modern electronics and appliances need a modern electrical panel to work their best.

    Adding New Appliances or Renovating

    When bringing in new, powerful appliances or making significant changes to your home, your electrical system must be ready to handle the extra load. Upgrading your panel ensures everything runs smoothly without overloading the system.

    Buzzing Sounds or Burn Marks

    Any weird sounds from your panel or signs of burns and scorch marks are urgent signs that something's wrong. This means that your current system might be overheating and could pose a fire risk.

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