Home Wiring Updates in Middletown, DE

Trusted Home Wiring Updates To Safeguard Your Home

Home wiring updates not only play a significant role in safeguarding your home, but they also are a key factor in the functionality and reliability of your home, ensuring your property is equipped to keep up with modern-day technology’s increasing power supply demands. Many residential properties are in need of home rewiring services or home wiring updates as their wires are installed and never checked up on again. This is particularly true in homes over 40 years old. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Middletown is here to help you alleviate the risk of hazardous outcomes that derive from faulty wiring and enhance the power of your home with our trusted home wiring updates service. When considering updating electrical wiring in an old home or new home in Middletown, New Castle, or Kent County, choose Mr. Electric of Middletown to get the job done.

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Signs That Indicate You Need Home Electrical Wiring Services

There are several signs that indicate it’s time to update electrical wiring in your home, and while some may be obvious, others may come as a surprise. Some of the most common reasons to pursue home electrical wiring services including the following:

  • Your Wiring is Outdated – Older homes are equipped with faulty wiring, particularly homes built in the 60s and 70s with aluminum wiring, those from the 40s and 50s with metallic wiring, and pre-1930s homes with knob and tube wiring. While they may not always require a full home rewiring service, they require an update to tackle safety hazards.
  • You Have Undergrounded, Two-Pronged Outlets – If your residence has two-pronged, underground outlets, you’re faced with a serious safety hazard as with insufficient grounding comes excess electricity that can result in overloads and electric shock.
  • You Do Not Have GFCIs – If your home’s outlets do not have the “test” and “reset” buttons, you do not have GFCIs, which are imperative to the protection against electric shock especially in moisture-prone areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and more.
  • You Do Not Have AFCIs – AFCIs are a leading protector against electrical fires, as they serve as a circuit breaker, disconnecting the power supply in the event of a hazardous arc. AFCIs are required in bedrooms in every state, and some states even require them throughout each circuit in the home.
  • You Do Not Have Proper Appliance Outlets – Older household appliances did not require special plugs. However, today, a 240-volt outlet is essential for nearly every appliance, from dryers to ovens and beyond. Outdated 240-volt plug wiring had three prongs, whereas modern 240-volt outlets have four with the inclusion of a grounding wire for enhanced safety.
  • You Have an Insufficient Electrical Panel – A few decades ago, 60-amp circuit breaker wiring got the job done safely and effectively. However, today, with the increased power supply and number of devices per home, 100-200-amps is required, meaning it may be time to update electrical wiring in your home.

How Often Should I Pursue Home Wiring Updates?

Home electrical wiring services should be pursued approximately every 25 years. However, modern-day electrical systems may offer a prolonged lifespan that surpasses the 25-year mark, but that doesn’t mean you should not pursue electrical inspections to ensure that none of your home’s electrical components are damaged, outdated, or concerning.

What Are the Symptoms of Insufficient Wiring?

There are some common signs that your home has insufficient wiring. If the time has come for a home wiring updates service, you may notice one of several of the following symptoms of insufficient wiring:

  • The lights flicker
  • The lights dim when you vacuum
  • You notice scorching
  • Your outlets are warm or hot to the touch
  • You experience frequent outages unrelated to the weather
  • You hear buzzing sounds coming from your walls or outlets

When Is It Time To Update Electrical Wiring?

As a general rule of thumb, our service professionals recommend you have your home’s wiring inspected if it is older than 25 years old. Additionally, if your home was built before 1980, it’s likely that it is equipped with faulty wiring as mentioned above, which means it’s a good time to rely on Mr. Electric of Middletown for home electric wiring services.

The Importance of Hiring Trusted Service Professionals

Working with trusted service professionals, such as our team at Mr. Electric of Middletown, is imperative to the safety and efficiency of your home. Home wiring updates are complex tasks that require time-honored skill and experience to mitigate the risk of faulty installation and other unfavorable occurrences that can put your home and family at risk. Fortunately, when you rely on Mr. Electric of Middletown, you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands, as we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

Schedule Your Home Wiring Updates Today

If you’re ready to update your wiring to meet modern standards, enhance the performance of your home, and safeguard your family and belongings, Mr. Electric of Middletown is here to help you make it happen with our trusted home electrical wiring services. Contact our friendly team today to learn how we can update electrical wiring in your home and request your estimate.