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Smart Home Security

Protecting Your Home with Smart Home Technology

Are you still using traditional locks, doorbells, and lights? It may be time to upgrade to smart home technology to ensure your home is safe and secure. Upgrading your home technology is also an environmentally conscious decision that can cut your electric bill and provide you with a whole new level of convenience.

Is your home a smart home? If not, let Mr. Electric help you take the steps necessary to adopt new smart home technology. 

Smart Home Safety System Technology

To update your home, there are a variety of technologies you can consider. Join us for a quick look into the future of smart home technology and security now suddenly at everyone’s fingertips:

  • Smart Locks
    Smart locks can be handled through your smartphone, which means you no longer need to rely on keys that can easily be forgotten or lost. Some smart locks have keypad entry for those times when you don’t have your keys or phone with you. Smart locks give homeowners an increased sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Bluetooth HD Camera Doorbell
    In conjunction with smart locks, Bluetooth HD camera doorbells add an additional layer of security and convenience to your home. When someone comes to your front door, you will be alerted via doorbell or smartphone app. You can talk to the visitor, no matter if you are at home, at work, or on vacation. If it’s a family member, cat sitter or someone else who needs to get into the house, you can use your smart lock to let them in. If you’re seeing unknown visitors, you can talk with them through the doorbell to see why they are at your home.
  • Smart Light Bulbs
    As soon as you open the door when you get home, you’re most likely turning on the lights. You can program smart light bulbs to turn on automatically when you unlock your door. Additionally, your smart lightbulbs can be operated from your at-home virtual assistant, such as Alexa. Smart lightbulbs can also be turned on or off from wherever you are, to help keep your home safe while on vacation or at work. The team at Mr. Electric is ready to help you install your smart lighting system.
  • Smart Thermostats
    Smart thermostats allow you to set your home temperature from wherever you are. This is one of the top new ways to save money on your energy bill, as smart thermostats let you program automatic adjustments or make your own, even remotely, based on constantly changing weather. Learn more about how smart thermostats work and how Mr. Electric can help install yours.
  • Smart Home Security System
    As long as you purchase compatible components, your smart locks, light bulbs, thermostat and other devices can all communicate with one another and operate in sync. This full system allows for maximum security and convenience. There are also additional top smart home devices that can be used in conjunction with a smart home system, or on their own.


Upgrading to Smart Home Technology

By upgrading to smart home technology, you are protecting your home and family around the clock. This type of advanced technology allows your whole home to be in sync and scheduled to your liking. If you are upgrading to a smart home, don’t forget to also upgrade your surge protection.

Smart home technology doesn’t just help protect your home and make life more convenient - it also cuts your energy bill. See for yourself how smart home devices impact your energy bill. For additional cost-saving tips, check out these energy-efficiency suggestions from Glass Doctor, a fellow Neighborly brand.

Choose Mr. Electric for Your Smart Home Safety System Needs

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