Preparing Your Home Office for Career Growth

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You’re working from home and ready to grow your career. The only problem? Your home office isn’t ready to meet your career goals.

Working from your own home office has plenty of advantages: less commute time, unlimited coffee runs, more sleep, and pajama bottoms can be an option on some days. Many employers have also noticed how productivity levels have increased for their work from home employees. However, all of these advantages rely on the ability to stay connected, remain productive, and work smoothly from home. Things like faulty electrical panels, insufficient wiring, overworked computer circuits, and technical interruptions can have a negative impact on your productivity. And less productivity, usually means less opportunity for career growth.

Technical Interruptions Are No Excuse

Frequent Wi-Fi interruptions won’t help you grow your career. In fact, such interruptions could be hindering it! Without a consistent, reliable connection and the proper technical equipment to support it, your home office is at a disadvantage. Those occasional power breaks or dropped connections may have been forgiven a few years ago, but now employers expect more from work from home employees—including the ability to stay connected. If you're serious about working from your home and growing your career, electrical upgrades to your home office are one of the best long-term investments you could make.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

We live in a time when technology is rapidly evolving, and many households have more gadgets and appliances than ever before. The more appliances and electrical devices we have, the more strain on our home electrical system. And if your current electrical system is frequently tripping circuit breakers, that’s a sign your electrical panel may be over-worked and in desperate need of an upgrade. If you have an older home with an electrical system that still use fuses, it’s time to upgraded to a more reliable circuit breaker system. If your electrical panel already has circuit breakers but is more then 10-15 years old, it’s likely due for an upgrade, too. Older or overloaded circuit breakers tend to trip or turn off more often. This increases the likelihood of overheating and the potential for electrical fires, which is NOT good for home productivity! To find out if your electrical panel is up-to-date to handle the demands of a modern home office, contact your local Mr. Electric pro to learn more.

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Better Wiring for Better Productivity

When you're working from, home career growth is all about being as productive and efficient as possible. This can be a challenge if your home wiring doesn’t support your goals. To keep yourself on the right track, the first thing you should do is have your home wiring infrastructure assessed. Newer homes, for the most part, tend to be easier to adapt to a home office setup because the wiring is newer and usually meets the current minimum requirements. But even though a newer home may have plenty of amperage (overall current) and sufficient wiring for a home office, it may still need more standard and/or specialty outlets and better lighting to meet your career growth needs.

On the other hand, wiring in an older home can present a ton of challenges and some potential hazards, so DIY upgrades are not recommended. For older homes, consult with a professional electrician to understand your current wiring system and what upgrades may be needed to help you be more productive and efficient.

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Dedicated Computer Circuit

Imagine working on an important project for your employer that took hours and a lot of in-depth research to complete. It’s almost ready! Then suddenly, WHOOSH, a power surge. You’re left with a blank computer screen and a soon-to-be agitated boss. Unfortunately, such situations happen and when they do, it can severely impact your ability to work productively, let alone grow your career. One of the best ways to address this issue is by upgrading your home office with a dedicated computer circuit. The biggest advantage of a dedicated computer circuit for your computer is it will be isolated from interruption by other devices—ones that draw a lot of current. This also means a more secure connection, improved productivity and less interruptions.

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Better Lighting Means Better Communication

With video conferencing becoming more popular (and even required), it’s important to assess the quality of the lighting in your home office. Insufficient lighting can make communication awkward and difficult. Growing your career can be challenging if your boss feels you are not invested enough to have sufficient lighting in your home office. It’s important for your boss, colleagues, and clients to see you in the best light in order to communicate effectively and efficiently.

In contrast, adequate lighting for video conferences shows you are invested in the process and care about how you appear in the work setting, even though your workspace is in your home.

When it comes to choosing home office lighting, don’t make the mistake of selecting inexpensive, quick options. A few cheap lamps from your local home goods store won’t cut it as a long-term lighting solution. Your office lighting should work as a system that meets your specific business requirements, one that can grow and expand if needed.

There are a variety of professional lighting options to choose from for your home office, which can make picking the right system a little confusing. Therefore, it’s best to seek advice from a lighting expert who can provide valuable insight on which option(s) are best for your needs.

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Let the Pros Help

Maintaining a work-from-home office that meets your needs and can expand with your career can be challenging. But with the right setup you CAN grow your career while working from home. Taking steps to improve your home office is a great way to prepare for career growth. To get started, call the local pros at Mr. Electric to elevate your current home office setup. You might be surprised how even a few simple upgrades can transform your workspace and your career.