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Improve Remote Work with Electrical System Upgrades

Working From Home?

Make Sure Your Home Office Works for You.

Simple upgrades to your home's electrical system will transform your remote working experience.

Maintaining a work-from-home environment presents numerous challenges for many people. Social isolation, distractedness, and technical difficulties can make it hard to focus and stay productive. But there are some home electrical upgrades that can enhance your home office experience and even improve your mood. Mr. Electric® can help you work from home more comfortably.

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    Home Office Lighting

    The lighting in your home office should be white, diffused, and indirect. Choose LED lighting for the best video call quality. Good lighting in the right place will make a big difference. Avoid using overhead light fixtures and fluorescent bulbs. Choose dimmer switches to compensate for shifting daylight and reduce glare from your monitor.These basic tips can help prevent headaches, improve visibility of items on your desk, and keep you focused and energized. Here’s another pro tip: Natural light is ideal, so try opening the shades.

  • Electrical panel.

    Electrical Panel Upgrades

    You're working a lot more at home, and so are other members of your family. Your electrical panel is likely working just as hard. Get your panel checked to see if it can handle the increased power load, or if it should be upgraded.

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    USB Outlets

    It’s amazing how fast your laptop, secondary monitor, printer, router, phone charger, and other office equipment will fill your electrical outlets. Consider upgrading your home office’s old duplex outlets to USB outlets. This type of electrical outlet accommodates two three-prong plugs and two USB cords at once. This means more plug space, and your phone will always be charged for the next conference call. Plus, strategic placement of an outlet for computer and USB chargers means you will avoid the dangers of extension cords!

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    Smart Home Devices

    Nothing can enhance your home’s security and convenience quite like smart home devices. Install a smart doorbell, or consider upgrading your house’s locks, thermostat, and outlets to smart devices to automate your family’s comfort and safety. Once your system is installed and integrated, you can monitor everything right from your smartphone or computer.

Electrical System Add-Ons

How can you ensure that your home office equipment has uninterrupted electrical and internet service? Consider four important electrical system upgrades to improve safety and keep your projects going smoothly.

  • A dedicated computer circuit delivers power only to the outlets you use for computer equipment. This prevents fluctuations caused by other devices or appliances from interfering with your workflow.
  • Another smart upgrade is a power conditioner, which offers added protection against power surges, spikes, and brownouts. A power conditioner can also prevent line noise and improve connection stability. Some models can even condition phone lines, Ethernet, and cable connections.
  • When it’s time to get to work, skip the wifi and go with a hard-wired internet connection. This upgrade can result in a more stable connection and fewer problems with video conferences and file uploads.
  • Lastly, a whole-house surge protector will prevent all your appliances and electronics from being fried by a power surge.
Electrical System Add-Ons

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We Have Licensed Electricians in Your Area

Looking for an electrician near you? You need a licensed electrician, as required by state and local law. Your electrician should be someone you can trust to arrive on time, offer honest pricing, and provide outstanding workmanship. You also deserve a Service Professional who will protect your health by practicing the preventive measures established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Our Service Professionals will wear gloves and masks, maintain the recommended six-foot distance from you, and clean work surfaces with disinfectant. Your local Mr. Electric is committed to complete customer satisfaction, even during this time of crisis. We understand that, for many people like you, important work continues—and we are here to help you stay on track.

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