Gas or Electric Lawn Mower: Are Electric Mowers Worth It?

Shopping for a new lawn mower? Which to get: gas or electric? The differences are minimal as technology improves, so learn more with Mr. Electric.

Technology has made so many everyday household chores more convenient. With the invention of the electric lawn mower, you can add mowing the lawn to that list. But is an electric lawn mower better than a traditional gas mower? Let’s explore.

Gas or Electric Lawn Mower?

A gas lawn mower requires gasoline to run, which entails keeping a gas can in your garage or shed and filling it up at your local gas station when you run out. Electric lawn mowers use electricity to run and come in both cordless and corded varieties. A cordless electric lawn mower can work for about an hour to an hour and a half until its battery needs to be recharged, making it an excellent option for a small yard, whereas a corded mower runs for as long as it's plugged in.

A corded electric mower is limited to an extension cord of 100 feet since anything longer will prevent the right amount of voltage from reaching the motor, causing it to slow down or even overheat. Both cordless and corded electric mowers are lightweight and quiet, which can be quite a nice change if you’re used to a gas mower.

Electric Versus Gas Lawn Mower Cost

Over 10 years, owning an electric lawn mower vs. a gas lawn mower can save you $200-$300 a year. The yearly cost of gasoline, depending on the size of your lawn, is between $200-$250 dollars, so cutting this expense alone is a big money saver. Maintenance on an electric lawn mower is also considerably less expensive than the traditional gas mower due to the absence of parts like spark plugs and fuel filters and not needing routine oil changes.

Considerations for Electric Lawn Mowers

There are some other things to consider when purchasing an electric lawn mower that may take away from the appeal of saving a few hundred dollars a year. The lithium battery that powers a cordless electric lawn mower, for example, is costly to replace, so it's important to take care of it. The best temperature range for lithium battery storage is between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit, so they should be stored indoors during the colder months and extreme heat. Another consideration when purchasing an electric lawn mower is your mobility limitations. Although a cordless electric lawn mower allows you to mow without restrictions, a corded mower will limit you to 100 feet from the power source, and you’ll have to be aware of your cord is so you don’t run it over.

Safety First

When purchasing a corded electric lawn mower, make sure your outdoor outlets are safe and up to code. The type of power cord you need for your mower depends on your mower’s amp rating, listed in your owner’s manual. If your mower has an amp rating of less than ten, a 16-gauge extension cord is adequate; however, an amp rating between 10 to 15 requires a 12-gauge cord. Always look for heavy-duty extension cords explicitly made for outdoor use. Using an inadequate cord is not only dangerous, but it could cause your mower’s motor to overheat.

Professional Electrical Services

If you’ve decided on an electric lawn mower, be sure to do your research. Then check with the experts at Mr. Electric to inspect your outlets and give you advice on the proper voltage and gauging. Call (844) 866-1367 or schedule an appointment online.