Battery Powered Tools Dad Wants

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Are you stumped on what to get dad for Father’s Day this year? Look no further than your local hardware store for all the best gift ideas that any handy man in the family would love.  The following tools will take your household handy man off the couch and into action with these great gift ideas on Father’s Day.

Cordless Screwdriver

An extensive variety of household projects revolve around the use of a screwdriver. From hanging a ceiling fan to assembling furniture, screwdrivers are necessary for almost any project. When using an electric cordless screwdriver, the consumer saves not only time in a project but also energy. Additionally, the tool allows your household handy man to take on more complex projects.

Electric Chain Saw

Chainsaws make yard work a convenient chore for dad. From trimming the trees in your backyard to harvesting firewood in the winter, chainsaws have multiple uses around the house all year long. The benefits of purchasing an electric chain saw verses a gas chainsaw relate back to the safety of the user. This tool focuses around an ease of operation. Since there is no need for a gas tank, it is significantly lighter than gas tank models. These models are also much easier to start, less noisy, and more convenient to store in comparison to gas-operated models.

Cordless Power Drills

New, cordless drill models currently on the market allow users to operate a powerful drill minus the inconvenience of being attached to an outlet. This convenience makes its purchase cost effective, and at the same, prevents the need for you to purchase a long extension cord to work in difficult-to-reach areas. Some components to consider when purchasing a power drill are the weight of the model, battery life, speed control, and versatility.

Rotary Buffer

All dads love their cars and work hard to take care of them. Make your dad work a little less this year with the perfect buffer. Rotary buffers serve to level out deep scratches in a vehicle’s paint and are often accompanied by a paint polish to remove imperfections and markings.

Battery-Operated Nail Gun

This tool is known as a modern “must-have” for the carpenter’s toolbox. Its use has made framing, roofing, and other household tasks simple and easy to complete. Nail guns make it possible to shoot hundreds of nails into varying materials such as wood panels and concrete blocks.

Father’s Day is about showing our appreciation for dads everywhere.. Make this Father’s Day one to remember for your dad by adding one of these tools to his collection. For more advanced projects that are outside of the do-it-yourself (DIY) realm, check out the services offered by Mr. Electric.


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