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Locally Trusted Electricians in Sandy, UT

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When it comes to your home or business, electricity plays a vital role. If you’re facing power issues, avoid looking for an “electrician near me” and contact the professionals at Mr. Electric of Sandy for help. We’re here to provide comprehensive electrical services in Sandy, UT. Our team of skilled electricians specializes in a wide range of services for both residential and commercial needs. From ceiling fan installation to complete rewiring projects, we have the expertise to assist you. Look no further if you’ve been searching for reliable electricians and electrical repairs in Sandy, UT. Contact us today to request a quote and experience our exceptional service firsthand.

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Residential & Commercial Electrical Services in Sandy, UT

With around-the-clock availability, our team offers several services that benefit your home/business and the environment. Whether you need everyday indoor and outdoor lighting or holidays, Mr. Electric can assist you. In fact, all our solutions are backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ to ensure total satisfaction.

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  • Our electricians are skilled and experienced in various installation projects to enhance your property. We’ll walk you through our installation process, focusing on energy-saving upgrades while transforming your space. Some of the electrical installation services we offer include:

    • Ceiling fan installation
    • Circuit installation and upgrades
    • Commercial electrical panel upgrades
    • Commercial energy savings and audits
    • Commercial generator installation
    • EVSE charger installation and service
    • Exhaust fan installation service
    • Home backup generator services
    • Installation of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
    • Power conditioners
    • Power consumption meters
    • Solar energy systems
  • If you want to make your home or business brighter, we have modern lighting options for you. We can help with outdoor highlighting and installing LED lights, which are great ways to improve any property. You can count on us to give you the best lighting options that fit your needs.

    Unrivaled Electrical Safety Services

    At Mr. Electric of Sandy, keeping you safe is our most important job. Our comprehensive electrical safety services include the installation of childproof outlets, circuit breaker replacements, and GFCI outlets. We understand the importance of providing peace of mind, enabling you to enjoy life without concerns about fire hazards or electrical dangers. When you require 24-hour electrical services in Sandy, UT, and surrounding areas, you can place your trust in us.

  • When it comes to reliable installation of home and commercial generators, trust Mr. Electric of Sandy. Our residential standby generators are a smart investment to protect your loved ones and belongings during natural disasters or unexpected power interruptions. Meanwhile, our commercial generators ensure high productivity and the safety of your employees and customers. Count on our licensed professionals to handle the installation process and arrange inspections to ensure compliance with local codes and regulations.

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Just mention the coupon below when scheduling your appointment, and we will check your home’s electrical system for signs of deterioration. It’s one more way we demonstrate our commitment to our clients’ safety and happiness.

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When you want electrical repairs or installations at your home, you need a professional electrician in Sandy you can trust to do the job right. We know that not everyone can perform home repairs, and electrical work is not a good DIY project!
Don’t hesitate to call us with any additional questions you may have!
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    I called to get service after 6pm on a Thursday night and spoke with a great receptionist. She dispatched someone to come out for service the very next day and they arrived at 8am.

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    What a great team! They were able to fix what we needed fast! Amazing electrician with a job well done! I would highly recommend them!

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    I've used Mr. Electric three times now. I have never been disappointed. Instead, Ive been surprised by the value - these guys are incredibly affordable and do fantastic quality work.

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  • There are several benefits to consider when it comes to electrical upgrades. One significant advantage is the improved safety they provide. Outdated electrical systems can create fire hazards and increase the risk of electrical shocks. You can reduce these risks by modernizing wiring, circuit breakers, and grounding systems. Additionally, electrical upgrades can increase energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills. You can seamlessly integrate advanced technologies like LED lighting, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient appliances into upgraded systems, which reduce energy consumption while minimizing environmental impact. Furthermore, electrical upgrades offer increased capacity to handle the demands of our modern appliances. With the growing number of electronic devices we use daily, upgrading electrical panels and wiring ensures a reliable power supply, avoiding overloaded circuits and frequent tripping of breakers. Electrical upgrades promote safety, efficiency, and convenience, making them a worthwhile investment.

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