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Installing Motion Sensor Lights in Riverview, Florida

Making Your Life Easier and Your Home Safer

Whether you want to make your life easier or improve the security of your home, motion sensor lighting is one of the best ways to give your home lighting an upgrade. Indoor motion sensors can cut down your energy bill and make hunting for a light switch in the dark a thing of the past. Meanwhile, outdoor security motion sensors deter would-be intruders and vandals. Installing and calibrating motion sensors requires the skill and expertise of a licensed electrician. Mr. Electric of Riverview installs motion sensor lights in Riverview, Florida. Learn more about our motion sensor lighting services.
Installing Motion Sensor Lights in Riverview, Florida
Making Your Life Easier and Your Home Safer
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  • When you hear a bump in the night, you don’t want to run downstairs to turn on your outdoor lights just to find out it’s a harmless animal running across your lawn. Savvy homeowners install motion sensors outside their homes so that they can easily see anything or anyone who is on their property during the night. Most importantly, when you install motion sensor security lights, it serves as a deterrent to anyone who might consider doing harm to your home or your family. Below, you will find some of the other benefits of installing security lights.
  • While security lights with motion sensors can make your home safer from break-ins and vandalism, they can also add convenience to your life. When you get home after dark, they will activate as you approach your home. That means you no longer must hunt for a keyhole in the pitch-black darkness of night or worry about tripping over a stick in the yard. On top of that, you don’t have to make turning on the porch light part of your nightly routine because your security lights will activate automatically.
  • Criminals, burglars, and trespassers often rely on the veil of night to hide their actions. In a real-world study of crime rate and lighting practices, it was found that the crime rate dropped by 39% on average in housing complexes that installed nighttime lighting features compared to those that did not. Motion sensor security light installation is your first line of defense in the battle for a safer and more secure home.
  • Connecting outdoor motion sensors to your home’s lighting doesn’t just improve safety and convenience. It also adds to your home’s curb appeal. When your house is cast in the right light, you can highlight its best features at night. When visitors show up and your home automatically shines through the darkness in an awe-inspiring way, everyone will be impressed.
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Enjoy the Benefits of Room Occupancy Sensors

While outdoor lighting is a great addition to your home, Mr. Electric of Riverview can also help you install motion-activated lighting inside your house. These sensors will turn the lights on the second someone enters a room, and they will turn the lights off when a room has been unoccupied for a certain period. Our team can help you install these sensors and calibrate them to make your home’s lighting automatic. The result will be an improvement in convenience and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

A significant amount of energy is lost simply by leaving lights on in an empty room. Many of our family members are less concerned with the power bill than we are. So, you might find yourself following children around the home, turning out lights in unoccupied rooms. With occupancy lighting, you won’t have to waste your time anymore. By installing these motion sensor lights in your home, you can cut your energy bill and save the planet at the same time!


Do you make the rounds of your home every night, making sure all the lights are turned off before you go to bed? Or do you get frustrated hunting for light switches in the dark when you get up to go to the bathroom? All these lighting-related problems can be solved with the simple convenience of motion sensor lighting inside your home. When you walk into a room, the lights will automatically come on, and when you leave, they will turn off after a predetermined period.

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