Lighting Controls in Riverview, FL

Professional Installation of Lighting Controls

Installing a lighting control station in your home will save energy - and money - by automatically turning off lights or reducing light levels as necessary. At Mr. Electric of Riverview, our team of lighting experts can design, install, and repair lighting controls in Riverview, Apollo Beach, Sun City, or Lithia, FL. Lighting controls like room occupancy sensors, light timer installations, and dimmer installations can also improve accessibility for people with trouble turning traditional light switches or lamps on and off. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of lighting controls or to schedule a consultation for installing a lighting control station in your home.

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What Are Home Lighting Controls?

Home lighting controls are lighting devices that automatically turn lights off when they are not in use or dim lights to reduce glare, improve ambiance, or save energy. Our team can discuss your needs and determine which types of lighting controls will work best for your home lighting control station. The most common types of lighting controls are:

  • Dimmers – Light dimmer installation improves the versatility and customization of your home's lighting design. Dimmers can be operated manually via timers, sensors, or smart home integration. Dimming bulbs reduces their wattage and output, which can save energy, extend the lifespan of bulbs and lighting fixtures, improve ambiance, reduce glare, and save money. Dimmable lights can also alleviate certain health issues, like migraines and photophobia.
  • Motion Sensors – Motion sensors can automatically turn lights on when they detect motion in a room. They can be programmed to turn off again if there is no further movement for a set time.
  • Room Occupancy Sensors – Like motion sensors, room occupancy sensors turn on when they detect indoor activity in a designated area. They switch on automatically when someone enters a room and save energy by turning lights off when a space isn't occupied.
  • Photosensors – Photosensors can prevent lights from turning on when it is light outside. This saves energy and can act as a security system for outdoor lighting.
  • Timers – Lighting timer installation gives you full control over when and where lights turn on and off. You can even control lights when you aren't at home or are on vacation. Manual timers plug into an electrical outlet to control one specific appliance. Programmable digital timers allow you to customize schedules to automate interior or exterior lighting. Smart timers can integrate with your home's smart functions, so you can control your lights using an app, remote, or voice operation.

Why You Need a Home Lighting Control Station

A home lighting control station gives you complete control over your interior and exterior lighting systems. You can customize your lighting design, operate lights via timer or smart home integration, and improve accessibility for anyone with trouble operating standard light switches. Lighting controls and lighting automation systems also save energy and save you money. Here are some of the reasons you should consider contacting us to install lighting controls:

  • Improve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills
  • Prevent lights from being left on when they aren't needed
  • Enhance the accessibility and comfort of your home
  • Increase your home's resale value
  • Improve convenience
  • Enjoy countless programming and customization options
  • Improve the ambiance of your home
  • Enjoy greater control over light levels

Our Lighting Installation Services

Our team of experienced lighting professionals can inspect, install, maintain, repair, and replace lighting systems for interior and exterior lights in homes and businesses. We can install home lighting control stations, including motion sensor lights and room occupancy sensors, light dimmers, light timers, and smart lighting systems. We can also install and repair the following:

  • Overhead lights
  • Ceiling fan lights
  • Outdoor and landscape lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Holiday lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Specialty lighting
  • Transformers

Choose Mr. Electric of Riverview for Dimmer Installation

At Mr. Electric of Riverview, we specialize in home electrical services, including electrical safety inspections, electrical maintenance and repairs, and electrical upgrades and installations. We offer lighting design, installation, and repair services to residential and commercial customers. We can install overhead and ceiling fan lights, chandeliers, specialty lighting, security lighting, outdoor and landscape lighting, holiday lighting, and accent lighting. We always start with an in-home consultation to discuss your goals and work closely with you through all project stages to ensure we're exceeding your expectations. Each team member is highly qualified and trained and committed to providing quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Schedule a Consultation for Light Timer Installation

Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation for light timer installation in Riverview, Apollo Beach, Sun City, or Lithia, FL. We will send a member of our lighting team to your home to do an assessment and consultation. We will review our lighting control options, the benefits of installing a lighting control station, and your needs, goals, and budget. Installing lighting controls will improve your home's efficiency, comfort, safety, and value.