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Electrical Panel Repair in Riverview, FL

Professional Electrical Panel Repair

Your home's electrical panel is the central source of the power supplied from the electrical meter to your home's outlets and switches. A problem with your electrical panel can affect your home's safety, comfort, and value and requires fast diagnosis and professional electrical panel repair service. At Mr. Electric of Riverview, we offer professional electrical panel repair in Riverview, Apollo Beach, Sun City, and Lithia, FL. We can complete a home electrical safety inspection to uncover hidden electrical problems and diagnose the cause of your home electrical panel issues. We will then recommend residential electrical panel repair or replacement. Call us today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate for electrical panel repair costs.
Electrical Panel Repair in Riverview, FL
Professional Electrical Panel Repair
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  • An electrical panel looks like a metal cabinet. It is typically installed inside your home, in a closet, attic, or basement. The electrical panel houses the connections between your home's external sources of electricity (the electric meter and main wire coming from the street) and the internal wires that carry currents of electricity throughout your home. The electrical panel contains exit wires or branch circuits that split off and carry electricity to different areas or circuits of your home. A problem with your home's electrical panel can cause power surges, power outages, sparks, electrical fires, electric shock, and electrocution. If you suspect you have an issue with your home's electrical panel, call our team of home service professionals for an inspection and electrical panel repair.
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Signs You Need Residential Electrical Panel Repair

You may see warning signs that indicate you need repairs. If you notice any of these signs that you need electrical panel repair or replacement, call our team to schedule a home electrical safety inspection:

  • Breakers trip frequently, or there are frequent power outages
  • Your lights often dim or flicker
  • You smell a burning or fishy odor
  • Your utility bills are higher than normal even though you haven't used more electricity
  • Your electrical panel is making strange sounds
  • You see rust or corrosion on the wires, cables, circuit breakers, screws, doors, or other parts
  • You see burn or scorch marks on the electrical panel, outlets, or light switches
  • Your light bulbs burn out very quickly
  • Using one electrical appliance makes another behave strangely or knocks out the power to part of the house
  • Touching a switch or outlet causes sparks or an electric shock

Our Electrical Panel Repair Service

Our team always starts with a comprehensive home electrical safety inspection. This ensures we catch all warning signs of electrical issues that could affect your safety and the safety of your home. After a thorough inspection, we can offer a professional diagnosis and recommendations for electrical maintenance, repairs, or replacements. If we determine there is an underlying issue with your home's electrical panel, we can offer these electrical services:

  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Installing additional circuits
  • Rewiring the electrical panel
  • Bus bar replacement
  • Relocation of the electrical panel
  • Dedicated Kitchen Circuit Installation and Service

    If tripping circuit breakers is a frequent occurrence in your home, your appliances may not be connected to dedicated circuits. The National Electrical Code requires dedicated circuits for major electrical appliances such as refrigerators because they ensure that appliances can operate safely.

  • Exterior Building Circuit Installation and Service

    Exterior buildings provide valuable space for a range of needs. Equipping those outbuildings with electricity makes them more accessible day and night and expands their functionality. Your local Mr. Electric® provides electrical services for detached buildings in your area.

  • Hot Tub Circuit Installation and Service

    A safe and effective hot tub installation requires a dedicated circuit. That circuit supplies power exclusively to the hot tub, and it should be installed by a licensed electrician.

  • Outdoor Kitchen Circuit Installation and Service

    Few home upgrades are as functional and appealing as an outdoor kitchen. If you enjoy cooking and want to spend more time outdoors, this renovation will be worth it. Allow your local Mr. Electric® advise about your outdoor kitchen electrical requirements and perform expert electrical services.

  • Pool Circuit Installation and Service

    Keeping your pool healthy and clear requires a pool pump, which in turn requires its own dedicated circuit. Your local Mr. Electric® offers full-service pool circuit installation, from obtaining the appropriate permits to connecting the pump to your home’s electrical panel.

  • Subpanel Installation and Service

    The main electrical panel in your home is the conduit through which all of your home’s electricity is distributed throughout the house. Every home has one. Some homes also have a subpanel (or multiple subpanels) installed to distribute electricity to a specific, often distant, area of the property.

  • Tankless Water Heater Electrical Circuit Service

    Make sure your household has a steady, reliable supply of hot water by having a tankless water heater installed. Your local Mr. Electric can upgrade your existing wiring for your new tankless water heater. For electric tankless water heaters, we also offer full installation service!

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