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Recessed Lighting Installation in Riverview, FL

Recessed Lighting Makes the Perfect Lighting Fixture

Modern and contemporary design is sought-after in homes across the country. Luckily, adding some modern flair to your space is simple with recessed lighting. These fixtures provide the perfect blend of form and function and can brighten up nearly any living room, kitchen, or bedroom. What's more, recessed lighting can be a decorative feature in itself! If you're interested in installing recessed lighting in your home, get in touch with Mr. Electric of Riverview. We serve homeowners in Sun City and Apollo Beach, FL with top-tier electrical work and can answer all your questions. Our local electricians would be glad to help you determine the layout and address any timeline and budgetary concerns. Learn more about our lighting installation services.
Recessed Lighting Installation in Riverview, FL
Recessed Lighting Makes the Perfect Lighting Fixture
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  • Conventional lighting fixtures hang from the ceilings or walls. But recessed lighting is installed quite differently. First, the fixture's trim attaches to the ceiling, and then the housing fits into the ceiling, enclosing the bulb. Instead of extending from your walls or ceiling, recessed lighting comfortably sits inside while illuminating your space.
  • We recommend recessed lighting all the time. While it's an ideal solution for some poorly-lit areas, it's not perfect for every situation. For example, if a space has no other light sources, recessed lighting may not be your best option. Most homeowners find these fixtures are better used as accent lighting. Moreover, not all designs and aesthetics lend themselves to recessed lighting. Spaces with concrete and decorative ceilings may need a different fixture for best results. If you aren't sure whether recessed lighting is a good idea, discuss your budget, timeline, and design goals with our experienced team.
  • Recessed lighting works perfectly in so many spaces in your home. If you're hoping to brighten up your interior or exterior, properly placed recessed lighting can go a long way to achieving the look you have in mind. We often install these fixtures for the following purposes:

    • Accent lighting
    • Multi-use rooms
    • Areas that need dimmers
    • Spotlighting decorative elements
    • Task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms
    • Downlighting
    • Wall-washing that makes small rooms appear larger
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Have You Considered Outdoor Soffit Lighting?

Bring recessed lighting outdoors with soffit lighting. These fixtures bring subtle brightness to any home exterior without significantly increasing your maintenance responsibilities. Our team can fit these lights neatly beneath your roof's eaves, and soon enough, you'll be enjoying your lighting while hanging out in the great outdoors. Reasons to choose outdoor soffit lighting include:

  • Versatile placement and ability to accent specific areas
  • Waterproof and insulated components
  • Small size
  • Blends in with landscape features
  • Ease of creating a spotlight effect

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