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Landscape Lighting in Riverview, FL

Installing Custom Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting installation will improve the safety, security, and beauty of your home's outdoor living spaces. Landscape lights add value to your home and highlight architectural features and landscaping elements. At Mr. Electric of Riverview, we can help you design and install landscape lighting in Riverview, Apollo Beach, Sun City, and Lithia, FL. We work closely with each customer to discuss their lighting needs, goals, and vision so we can design a home landscape lighting plan that works for them. Call us today to schedule a consultation for landscape lighting installation.
Landscape Lighting in Riverview, FL
Installing Custom Landscape Lighting
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  • Home landscape lighting installations allow you to use your outdoor living spaces safely and comfortably, night and day. When landscape lighting installation is done by a qualified lighting expert, it highlights architectural features and landscaping elements and enhances the natural beauty of your home. Quality landscape lighting also increases the security and safety of your home by reducing the risk of falls and injuries and deterring prowlers and criminals. Motion-sensor landscape lighting installation can even keep animals away from your home and out of your garden or landscaping. Properly designed and installed home landscape lighting will improve your home's functionality and aesthetic, increase its resale value and enhance its curb appeal.
  • Mr. Electric of Riverview specializes in home electrical services, including electrical safety inspections, repairs and maintenance, upgrades, and new electrical installations. Our home lighting services are completed according to industry standards and all local and federal codes. When we install lighting for your home, we get the work done safely and professionally without risk of damage to your home. We can bring your home lighting vision to life by installing ceiling fans and overhead lights, outdoor and landscape lighting, holiday lighting, security lighting, and accent lighting. We also offer lighting maintenance and interior and landscape lighting repairs.
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Choosing the Right Landscape Lights

Our team can help you choose the right landscape lights for your needs, goals, and budget. Our goal is to bring your lighting design vision to life and transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful oasis that you can use night and day. We can install and maintain traditional landscape lights and LED landscape lights. LED landscape lights are energy-efficient, cost less to keep on, have a lower installation cost, and can last for up to 20 years of regular use. The most common landscape lights that our team uses are:

  • Garden Lights – Garden lights rest on 18-24" posts to reflect light downward onto planting beds or walkways.
  • Wash Lights – Wash lights emit a soft, diffused light often used to illuminate privacy fences, garden walls, and the sides of houses, garages, or sheds.
  • Bullet Lights – Bullet lights are compact, versatile, and flexible. They are installed on a short post and can be pivoted to point anywhere. They often illuminate house features, tree trunks, and garden structures.
  • Well Lights – Well lights are installed flush into a sidewalk, walkway, wall, or ground. The bulb is housed in a protective case, offering discreet illumination without a high-profile lighting fixture. They are usually used to illuminate the underside of foliage, the base of a wall or facade, or pathways.
  • Downlights – Downlights are installed on high posts, tree trunks, and branches. They can be pivoted to illuminate lawns, paths, or the tree’s foliage.
  • Flood Lights – Flood lights cast a wide beam and are brighter than most landscape lights. They are usually used for security or lighting house facades, garages, sheds, or tall trees.

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