Expert Generator Installation in Riverside, CA

Keep Your Home Powered With Our Home Generator Installation

When a blackout happens, you’ll want a backup generator to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. The highly trained technicians at Mr. Electric of Riverside specialize in generator installation and maintenance services, which are perfect for Riverside, CA, homeowners. When you call on our team, we’ll work with you to find the perfect generator to quickly meet your needs without exceeding your budget. A home generator is an investment that pays for itself the first time the power goes out. It can keep your home safe and comfortable during severe weather, natural disasters, or issues with the local power grid. Don’t hesitate to learn more about our generator installation services, and reach out to request a quote today.

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How Does a Generator Keep the Power On?

Your home’s new generator converts fuel, most commonly gasoline or other natural gases, into electrical power thanks to a heavy-duty recharging battery. If the power goes out, your generator is designed to turn on automatically, which ensures appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, lights, and furnaces keep running. This ensures you’re able to avoid expensive food costs while keeping safe. Whether you’re dealing with weather or accident-related blackouts, our home generator installation services are an excellent investment. Take a look at some additional reasons why we recommend investing in a home generator:

  • Blackouts – Severe weather and extremes in temperature can cause the power grid to not keep up with the energy demand. Your home generator will kick on when the power goes out, keeping your appliances and lights running.
  • Inclement Weather – Heavy wind and rain, severe storms, hurricanes, and lighting can knock down power lines or damage transformers.
  • Animal or Pest Damage – Pests can easily destroy power equipment, making them the second leading cause of power loss after severe weather.
  • Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, floods, and fires can cause power outages. These issues affect millions of Americans each year.
  • Car Accidents – Cars colliding with power poles cause unexpected interruptions in your service.

The Types of Generators We Maintain and Service

If you’re considering a home generator, Mr. Electric of Riverside is happy to provide our expert recommendations on the best types for your home, needs, and budget. Our portable home generators provide an affordable option for temporarily powering your home’s appliances, but you must manually start them. On the other hand, home standby generators are a more reliable option that automatically powers on when a power outage is detected. They are more costly but pay for themselves in the long run.

Portable Home Generators

A portable home generator is perfect if you only need to power a few appliances for a short period of time. These devices must be started by hand and connected to the appliance in question. The average cost of these generators is about $1,500. While they’re a more affordable option, they do come with a higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if it’s not placed in the right spot in your home. Mr. Electric of Riverside can help keep your new home generator in good condition. The generator maintenance services we offer can help extend its lifespan. We can even help you understand how to operate and where to place your generator safely.

Home Standby Generators

While more expensive than portable home generators, home standby generators are an excellent solution to ensure an uninterrupted power supply during even the worst power outages. These models are designed to supply power whenever an outage is detected. This model lets you know that all your appliances will run normally. Home standby generators can be expensive, with specific models and styles reaching costs of $15,000. If you’re considering this style, our technicians can work with you and help determine the best style and mode based on several factors. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Pick the Right Generator for Your Home

Mr. Electric of Riverside is dedicated to helping our customers find the right home generator perfect for their needs and budget. Our specialists can calculate the total wattage you need to power all the appliances and devices you want to hook up to your generator. From there, we’ll recommend different units that fit your specific needs.  If you ever need any assistance with your generator, take advantage of our generator maintenance services. We’ll answer any questions you have while providing an upfront and honest quote for your generator.

Schedule Your Home Generator Maintenance Services

We understand that investing in a new home generator is a difficult decision. Mr. Electric of Riverside is here to help answer all your questions while providing our expert recommendations based on your needs. We aim to ensure you have peace of mind knowing that when the power goes out, yours keeps going. If you need any repairs, our technicians have the skills and experience to get your generator running quickly and efficiently like new. Contact us today to learn more about our home generator installation and maintenance services and to schedule your quote.