Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades in Riverside, CA

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Technological advances in electric systems happen rapidly, so more businesses operate on outdated and insufficient wiring. This inadequacy leaves companies in trouble as their electrical systems can’t support their power needs to run equipment, computers, and other electronics. Furthermore, businesses investing in electrical upgrades for their buildings often don’t have their electrical panels as part of their projects. If your business has new wiring and other updates, you need a panel to support your newer system. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Riverside helps companies stay safe and power their operations with commercial electrical panel upgrades in Riverside, CA. We can help you make the most of your commercial renovation or building updates with various electrical services. Electrical panels should always be a part of upgrading your business’s electrical system.

What Is an Electrical Panel?

Many business owners leave all electrical insight to professionals whenever dealing with their buildings’ power needs. However, it’s always better to know about your electrical panel and the other components supporting your commercial operation. Mr. Electric of Riverside covers your electrical needs with exceptional service and valuable shared expertise. An electrical panel is a vital component of your electrical system, providing power to your business’s lighting, HVAC system, equipment, and anything else depending on electricity to function. Your utility company supplies the power that flows into your commercial building, and it starts its journey in your panel before branching out to bigger and then smaller electrical branches. Every business needs a properly functioning electrical panel to operate safely and maintain productivity. Additionally, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require electrical panels at businesses to have a “dead front.” This feature protects live parts against exposure to people operating equipment, effectively preventing electric shock.

Where Can I Find My Business’s Electrical Panel?

You can identify your electrical panel as a gray or painted metal box, and it’s typically in an area that’s easily accessible and out of your way to avoid blocking it. Blocking an electrical panel is a safety violation, according to NFPA and OSHA codes. However, if you have trouble finding your electrical panel, it might be outside your building. An old electrical panel can be ineffective and dangerous for your business because of its antiquated design and inability to support your electrical needs. The following are examples of problems an old electrical panel can cause:

  • Flickering lights
  • Needing to turn off an appliance to use another
  • Melted electrical wires
  • Defective circuit breakers fail to trip, leading to overheating, shocks, and fires
  • Fuses frequently blowing or breakers constantly tripping
  • Endangering your employees, customers, and property’s safety because of electric shock and fires

Serving Your Unique Commercial Electrical Needs

Mr. Electric of Riverside proudly serves commercial customers throughout the area needing an electrical panel upgrade at a cost fitting their budgets. The electrical panel upgrade process should always be left in the hands of seasoned professionals. Our technicians have extensive training and experience upgrading electrical panels in all types of commercial buildings with a broad range of electrical needs. Business uses various types of electronic equipment, depending on their products or services, and some equipment requires dedicated circuits or specialty outlets to operate safely and efficiently. Installing a new commercial breaker panel keeps your operation running smoothly while ensuring you comply with safety codes. You know you need a new commercial or industrial circuit breaker panel if you notice any of the following indications:

  • Electrical panel emits crackling sounds
  • Panel or breakers have rust or corrosion
  • Electrical service conductors overheat
  • You must use multiple extension cords
  • You need additional or non-grounded (two-pronged) outlets
  • There isn’t a dedicated circuit for computers
  • Electronic devices don’t run at full power
  • Installing new copiers, computers, printers, projectors, servers, and other equipment requires specialty or dedicated outlets
  • Your business is undergoing renovations or additions
  • You need a 240-volt circuit
  • You’re adding a sub-panel
  • Your business has an outdated and hazardous split bus panel or fuse block instead of a main breaker
  • Insurance requires upgrading your electrical panel

Reasons to Leave Electrical Work to Professionals

Electrical panel installation and maintenance are jobs you always leave to highly trained and licensed electrical professionals. Mr. Electric of Riverside ensures all our technicians have the training and expertise they need to perform every service quickly, carefully, and correctly the first time. Servicing an electrical panel is complex and dangerous if you attempt to do your own electrical work. Leaving your electrical panel in the hands of our professionals ensures the following:

  • We meet your electrical needs with the right panel size.
  • We take care of receiving local planning permits and approvals.
  • Our work ensures new wiring installations meet the frequently changing federal and local codes.
  • When necessary, the power company supplies a different meter or power supply before installation.
  • We repair and replace existing wires when necessary, performing this service properly and meeting the latest codes.
  • Our technicians always use appropriate materials, such as safe and proper grounding with copper.
  • We know your new electrical system, your new electrical panel and wiring schematic, all switches, and all functions.

Schedule a Breaker Box Upgrade in Riverside, CA

Mr. Electric of Riverside is ready to keep your business safe and running optimally with comprehensive electrical solutions, including commercial electrical panel upgrades. Our technicians arrive at your location on time, work quickly and efficiently while ensuring exceptional work quality, and keep the entire process transparent to help you make informed decisions about your electrical project. Contact us today to schedule service or request a quote on the electrical services you need in Riverside, CA.