Outlet Installation

Modern electrical outlets provide flexible, safe, and reliable power delivery. By swapping out some old power outlets you can resolve a lot of energy-related problems. And when your home is equipped with the right electric receptacles, you’re also ensuring your home’s safety.

Be sure your home is equipped with the right electrical outlets to meet your family’s needs. Do you frequently trip circuit breakers when you use your kitchen appliances? Upgrading your kitchen counter outlets to 20-amp receptacles could put a stop to that hassle. Are you tired of fighting over outlet space with your family? Installing a couple of USB outlets or two-duplex outlets in your living room will alleviate your cord-crowding situation.

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Electrical Outlet Types Installed by Mr. Electric

You have a lot of options to choose from for your new outlet installation. Here is a sampling of the electrical outlet types Mr. Electric installs in homes and businesses every day:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets – GFCIs protect people from electric shock by sensing abnormal current flow and stopping electricity from flowing to the outlet.
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Outlets –AFCIs protect homes from house fires by sensing power arcs and stopping them.
  • Smart Outlets – Homeowners are installing more smart devices at their homes all the time. From smart speakers to smart doorbells, it’s easy to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. Smart outlets will connect to the other smart devices in your home to enhance security and convenience.
  • USB Outlets – Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just plug your smartphone’s USB charger right into the wall? Well now you can! USB outlets allow you to charge electronic devices using just a USB cord.
  • Switched Outlets – A switched outlet is half power receptacle, half power switch. Whatever you plug into the outlet can be turned on or off by flipping the switch. This option can be handy if you have a hard-to-reach device that you want to be able to turn on and off easily.
  • Tamper-Resistant Outlets – Child-resistant outlets provide more reliable safety and protection than plastic plug covers. The tamper-resistant device cannot be removed from the outlet, offering small children better safeguarding from electrocution.
  • Two-Duplex Outlets – Instead of having just two plug spaces available, double it to four with these handy outlet upgrades. Two-duplex outlets are especially useful for home offices, kitchens counters, and entertainment centers.
  • 15-amp Outlets – The standard three-prong outlet is best suited for hallways, guest rooms, and other areas where you probably won’t have to plug many things in at once.
  • 20-amp Outlets – This beefed-up version of the standard outlet brings kitchen counter areas up to modern building codes. You can tell them apart by the horizontal slot coming off the 20-amp’s left wire plug. Your 20-amp outlets are best suited to high current kitchen appliances, like toaster ovens and blenders.
  • 30-amp Outlets – These are intended for use with items such as gas dryers and RV shore power outlets.
  • 50-amp Outlets – These are the biggest outlets installed at most residential buildings. The 50-amp outlets are required for large appliances such as ovens and electric dryers.

Why Choose Mr. Electric to Install Electrical Outlets?

Mr. Electric has been providing professional electrical services since 1994. Your local Mr. Electric can help you select the right electrical outlet types for your needs, and then install them right the first time. Call Mr. Electric at (844) 866-1367 or schedule an appointment online today.