EVSE Installation and Service Orange County

If you own an electric vehicle, and you'd like the convenience and safety offered by an at-home charging station--talk to the electrical experts at Mr. Electric. We're happy to answer any questions your may have. We offer a selection of the most advanced, fully featured residential charging systems available and provide professional EVSE installation and service.

EV charger for electric powered cars

What is EVSE?

EVSE stands for electric vehicle supply equipment and its function is to supply electric energy to recharge electric vehicles. Learn more about this Energy efficient and money saving form of transportation.

EV charger installation includes:

  • Full inspection of all equipment prior to EVSE installation by Mr. Electric.
  • Site inspection to ensure equipment is installed in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Electrical system upgrade (required to power the quicker-charging Level 2 EVSE). Mr. Electric will add a new dedicated circuit, with a new 40 AMP, 240 volt circuit and 8 AWG (American Wire Gauge) wiring.
  • Your licensed electrician from Mr. Electric will install your EVSE equipment to conform to all National Electrical Code and permit requirements.
  • Start-up inspection performed to verify equipment is functioning properly in its operational environment.
  • On-site electrical consultations.
  • Complete EVSE information provided to customer on equipment features, correct usage, limitations, necessary maintenance and warranty terms.

Our EV Experience

Mr. Electric has completed over 7,000 EV Installations as a network to date. Mr. Electric offers a portfolio of product solutions including charging stations, circuit protection equipment that touch every part of the electric vehicle infrastructure installation process.