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Need an electrician in Orange, CA to help you cut down costs on your next electricity bill? Let Mr. Electric of Orange, CA help you reach your goals. Whether its installing, repairing or upgrading, Mr. Electric has a solution for your Orange, CA area homes and businesses.

With around the clock availability, our team offers several services that could benefit not only your home or business, but also the environment. Whether it’s for safety and security or specialty lighting for the holiday season, Mr. Electric can assist you with your every need.


Electrical Improvements

Electrical Improvements

The art of troubleshooting a hi-tech issue is a Mr. Electric specialty. No matter if a problem occurs upon installation or crops up on a manic Monday, our electricians will inspect, diagnose and find the fix for the problem. Our around the clock dedication means that your problem will find a solution faster and the first time.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Let Mr. Electric keep children out of harms way. No need to follow kids around the house or daycare anymore. Our expert technicians can install tamper-resistant and childproof outlets to ensure the safety of little ones.

Specialty Lighting

Specialty Lighting

Specialty lighting has the ability to change the atmosphere and mood of a home or office. Mr. Electric helps you keep your family and employees happy by installing specialty lights around your home or business. Let us send our trusted technicians to help you create a happier environment.

Home Standby Generators


Home standby generators and portable generators are just two of the options to help your home or business stay up and running in the event of a disaster or power outage. Trust Mr. Electric with your home or commercial generator installation.

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Energy Savings

Installing ceiling fans throughout your home or business does more than just add decorations or light up a room. Ceiling fans compliment your air conditioner, cutting down the costs of your next electricity bill.  In order to save money, it is important to raise the temperature on your thermostat.  It is also important to turn your fan off when there are no occupants in the room.  Mr. Electric offers even more energy saving tips for your home or business.

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EV Car Chargers

Mr. Electric Orange, CA is committed to protecting our fragile earth and its resources as you are. We believe that plug-in hybrid and all electric vehicles play important roles in our clean-energy future.