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EV Charger Installation in Monroe Township, NJ

Monroe Township is rich in American history while still encouraging modernization. Electric vehicles are no exception. When you purchase an electric vehicle, the best accessory is at-home charging, and Mr. Electric® of Monroe is ready to help with your EV charging station installation!

EV Charger Installation in Monroe Township, NJ
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  • When you have an EV charger installed at home, the long-term money savings are not just huge; they're smart. It costs about $10 to fill the battery, far less than a tank of gas. Imagine all the things you could use that extra money for.

  • When you can come home and plug right in, the time you save is not just immense; it's yours. You no longer have to schedule the time to visit a public charging station or wait for the slow charge to fill your battery.

  • An EV home charging station is crucial to reducing your carbon footprint. When you renew at home, you contribute to the great good and help preserve the planet for the future.

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Tailored EV Charger Installations

Everyone has different needs for at-home EV chargers, and our local experts can personalize your charger installation to fit your needs and property.

Personalized Home Charging

With all the choices out there, our team makes it easy to find an EV charging solution that fits you. We'll work with you to assess your needs and electric vehicle to decide on the next steps.

Future-Ready Solutions

With our local home EV charging station installation services, you can be sure that the charger you choose will be as practical today as it will be in the future.

Local Support & Accessibility

Our team of service experts is locally based; you can count on Mr. Electric to understand your needs and provide EV charger installation well. We're proud community members like you and take pride in your satisfaction.

Level 2 EV Charging Station

A level 2 charger will fill the battery on your electric vehicle much more quickly than the trickle of charge you get from a level 1. The upfront cost of the EV charger installation will pay off quickly when you don’t have to use a public charger. You can extend your battery’s life by up to 20% when you regularly keep your charge 80% full.

  • Rapid Charging Capacity - A level 2 charger will charge up to eight times faster than a level 1 charger,
  • Enhanced Efficiency - Higher charging rates mean getting back on the road faster.
  • Voltage & Power Output - With 240V of power supplied, it gives the energy needed to fill your battery quickly.
  • Cost-Effective Charging Solutions - The initial cost of EV charger installation is worth it for the savings you get over time.
  • How much does an electric vehicle charger installation by Mr. Electric cost?

    The cost of EV charger installation will vary slightly from one to the next. While Mr. Electric’s service professionals provide the same high-quality installation, ensuring your charger is properly connected to power and ready to charge, the charger type and the job's complexity will determine the final cost.

    Is upgrading my home's electrical system for an electric vehicle charger necessary?

    This depends on whether you have the available 240V connection ready or if you need our team to install one. We can install the power supply and your EV home charging station simultaneously! When you make an appointment with us, we will cover all your bases completely.

    Can Mr. Electric of Monroe Township, NJ, install charging stations for commercial properties?

    The service professionals at Mr. Electric of Monroe are skilled in residential and commercial electrical. If you need a commercial charging solution for your property, let us know when you call to schedule, and our friendly staff can help tailor services to fit your exact needs.

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