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Electrical Installation Services in Monroe

Correctly done electrical installations prevent problems leading to fires and other potential safety hazards. Mr. Electric® of Monroe's professionals provides quality, trusted electrical work for an electrical panel or outlet installation.

Electrical Installation Services in Monroe
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  • An electrical panel distributes electricity using circuit breakers to control individual outlets and fixtures. The breakers within a panel all have a set number of amps they own, with more amperes for large appliances, keeping the current flowing safely.

  • Each breaker is designed to shut off the electrical flow under specific conditions for safety by preventing overdrawn current. An overdrawn current can heat the wires in walls if not appropriately controlled.

  • Common maintenance involves installing new breakers or installing electrical panel upgrades so that more modern power needs can be easily met without the fear of electrical malfunctions. Electrical panel rewiring to maintain code compliance is also standard.

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Electrical Vehicle Charger Installation

Electric vehicles are becoming commonplace. With the desire to protect our environment comes an electrical installation need for EV charging stations to make ownership more practical and convenient. Mr. Electric can help!

Better Distance

An electrical installation of a charging station will help you maximize the distance you can travel by ensuring your vehicle's battery is fully charged overnight and eliminating public charging.

Greener Garage

Having an electric vehicle means reducing your carbon footprint and knowing your part in keeping the planet a bit more green.

Our Community

The longevity of the lakes and forests surrounding us in Monroe can be extended when you take the time to install an electrical charger at home and help preserve the future.

Rewire Specialists

Mr. Electric expertly handles your rewiring needs. As structures age, electrical wiring must be kept up-to-date and code-compliant to give the power you need for every device and maintain safety. Outdated wiring cannot handle the electrical load demanded, leading to overheating and causing fire. When you need electrical services to fix your wiring, Mr. Electric will arrive on time, ready to assess and repair any problem!

Electrical Outlet Installation Services

Electrical installations need a professional who knows the codes and procedures to ensure safety. Don’t try to DIY; let Mr. Electric's experts provide the best possible electrical installation services to keep you out of the dark.

Expert Installation

Our professionals know how to ensure your safety and satisfaction with work you can depend on.

Wire Safety

For an update or an overhaul, our experts know how to fix outdated wiring when you’re in the dark.

Code Requirements

We know how to keep you compliant with the National Electrical Code, keeping you safe.

Residential and Commercial

Mr. Electric experts provide an array of electrical installation services for any building.


  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets, or GFCI outlets, are necessary to maintain code compliance and to keep you safe. You need these in any area with water close to an outside outlet. They will immediately stop the flow of electricity when a physical fault, like water on the outlet, is detected and protect you from potential electrocution. Mr. Electric can install electrical outlets if you need to update or replace GFCI outlets around your home or business.

Residential & Commercial Services

Mr. Electric has the power to make things better. Embrace the ease of call-ahead scheduling with Mr. Electric's 24/7 availability. Our skilled technicians prioritize quality, respect your home, and provide transparent upfront pricing for peace of mind.

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