Updating Home Electrical Wiring in Midland & Odessa, TX

Mr. Electric of Midland & Odessa, TX electrician working on a power outlet.

Looking for Professional Home Wiring Update Near Me?

The wiring in your home enhances its functionality, reliability, and safety. When you need reliable home wiring updates for your residential property in Midland, TX and the surrounding areas, including the communities of Andrews, Big Spring, Monahans, and Stanton, you only need one team of experts. At Mr. Electric of Midland and Odessa, we pride ourselves on prioritizing our customer’s safety on every project we complete. 

Our licensed electricians are committed to providing high-quality home wiring updates for households with outdated wiring and other electrical issues to keep your loved ones safe and your electrical system reliable. If your home is more than 40 years old or it’s been a while since you’ve had your electrical system inspected by a licensed electrician, we can help. Reach out to our team today to learn more about home wiring updates!

Mr. Electric of Midland and Odessa’s Quality Work

No matter what type of electrical issue you're experiencing, an experienced, licensed electrician should always do repairs and replacements. Upon hiring, all our electric technicians are screened and checked to verify their qualifications and eligibility to work for Mr. Electric.

Additionally, our electric technicians receive extensive ongoing training and participate in skills development to ensure the quality of their electrical work lives up to our standards. You can count on the team of professionals at Mr. Electric of Midland and Odessa to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and long-lasting results.

How Do I Know if My Wiring Needs to Be Updated?

There are several signs that indicate it’s time to update the electrical wiring throughout your home. With years of experience, we've helped countless homeowners update their home's electrical wiring in Midland, TX, with our expertise. Some common signs you need updates to the electrical wiring in your home include:

You Have Old House Wiring

In the 1960s and 1970s, aluminum wiring was built in new homes. Today, we know this is a significant safety risk, and any homeowner who has aluminum wiring in their home should have it replaced immediately to prevent electrical fires and other hazards. Other examples of hazardous electrical wiring include knob and tube wiring in pre-1930s homes and non-metallic wiring in homes from the 1940s and 1950s. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Midland and Odessa can also replace any frayed wires and loose connections you have.

You Have Ungrounded, Two-Pronged Outlets

Do you have ungrounded, two-pronged outlets in your home? These old outlets are a significant safety hazard, endangering your family, your electronics, and your property. You can reduce the risk of shock by having our electrical technicians install three-pronged outlets and grounded wires throughout your residential property.

Your Home’s Electrical Panel Is Inadequate

Older homes might not have the electrical wiring it needs to be able to handle the energy load it demands. 60-amp breaker wiring might have been sufficient for homes several decades ago, but modern homes typically need 100 to 200 amps to successfully power all the appliances and gadgets we use simultaneously, including appliances, televisions, computers, and mobile devices. Having a licensed electrician install upgraded breaker box wiring is the best way to meet your home’s increasing energy needs, and the professionals at Mr. Electric of Midland and Odessa can help.

You’re Missing GFCIs

GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets are used to protect your family and devices against shock in areas that have high moisture around your home. The current electrical code requires GFCIs to be present in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms, spa or pool areas, garages, unfinished basements or crawlspaces, and other areas of your home.

You typically need GFCIs in every area that receives electricity outside your home, as well. You risk being shocked if you don’t have these inexpensive and easy-to-install devices.

You’re Missing AFCIs

An AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupter) ensures safe and reliable energy use throughout your residential property. This technology prevents electrical fires and other hazards because it acts like a circuit breaker, cutting power when a potentially dangerous arc occurs. The current electrical code requires AFCIs in bedrooms in all 50 states, and some states require homeowners to have AFCIs in all the circuits throughout their homes.

You Have Inadequate Appliance Outlets

Large appliances like your home's oven, washer, air conditioner, or dryer need to safely draw higher amounts of electricity to continue running optimally, which is why they have specialized outlets. Today’s appliances require a 240-volt outlet for each heavy-duty appliance plugged in.

Schedule Wiring Updates in Midland, TX

The professional team at Mr. Electric of Midland and Odessa provides comprehensive services for all your residential electrical needs in Midland and Odessa, TX, and the surrounding areas, including the communities of Andrews, Big Spring, Monahans, and Stanton.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our home wiring update process, whether you’re wondering about the cost to update electrical wiring in homes or how long our professional installation process takes to complete. Contact us today to schedule service at your home and let our licensed electricians assess your home’s wiring and electrical system!