Mr. Electric of North Shore and Metairie

Mr. Electric of North Shore and Metairie

If you'd like a licensed electrician to take care of the electrical system at your property, think first of Mr. Electric of the North Shore and Metairie. Whether you have insufficient voltage, outdated wiring, or even service panel issues, we've got the know-how and experience to complete the job. We're proud to serve the people of Madisonville, LA, and we always strive to achieve high marks for both workmanship and customer service.

We're Available on Your Schedule



We realize that you may be very busy, which is why we'll provide you with flexibility in our appointment scheduling. While they're at your home or business, our courteous, professional technicians will treat both you and your property with respect. We'll also make recommendations regarding energy efficiency and steps you can take to improve it.

Whenever you need an electrician, Mr. Electric of the North Shore and Metairie will be ready to help. We'll perform the work you need at a reasonable and affordable cost. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We serve the Madisonville area.

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Electrical Improvements

Upgrading your electric panels is of the utmost importance to keeping energy costs low and maintaining safety. Energy overload can cause electrical fires, but prevention is easy with Mr. Electric. We’ll inspect the electrical distribution system and wiring to determine if a replacement or an upgrade is in order.

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Safety and Security

Let our expert electricians keep your home or business above code standards. Mr. Electric offers several services to ensure safety. Whether its tamper-resistant or specialty outlets, we have the right knowledge and skills to meet your home and businesses’ needs.

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Specialty Lighting

The future is now; let Mr. Electric bring you into the light with wireless lighting controls. Wireless controls are an excellent way to save money and go green simultaneously. Control your lights, including outdoor and holiday lights, with the push of a button. Wireless lighting controls add convenience, efficiency and security to a home or office.

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Installing ceiling fans throughout your home or business does more than just add decorations or light up a room. Ceiling fans compliment your air conditioner, cutting down the costs of your next electricity bill.  In order to save money, it is important to raise the temperature on your thermostat.  It is also important to turn your fan off when there are no occupants in the room.  Mr. Electric offers even more energy saving tips for your home or business.