Get Help Installing Child Proof Outlets in Madison, Wisconsin

Protect Your Family From Outlet-Related Injuries

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your children from unnecessary harm. That can make it startling to hear that 2,400 children a year suffer from shocks and burns related to electrical outlets. Mr. Electric of Madison installs the most reliable child proof outlets in Madison and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Our team of licensed electricians is standing by to help you upgrade all your outlets to dedicated safety outlets. These are better and more reliable than the standard plastic plug protectors because they are permanent fixtures that spring closed when not in use. Learn more about our child proof outlet installation services.

Mr. Electric electrician installing a power outlet

What Are Child Proof Outlets?

Installing child proof outlets in your home is the most effective way to prevent accidental shocks and burns that can occur when curious little fingers get close to an outlet. Most of us are familiar with plastic plug protectors, but they can be forgotten or removed by smart children. Mr. Electric of Madison uses special tamper-resistant outlet covers that are highly reliable. This requires replacing your outlet, which is not a job you want to attempt on your own. Our friendly electricians are happy to replace all the outlets in your home with residential child proof outlets.

Easy to Operate Child Safe Outlets

A high-quality child proof outlet will be easy for adults to operate and impossible for young children to operate. That’s what we offer. Our spring-loaded outlets snap shut the moment a plug is removed from them. In order to open the cover plate, you have to place equal pressure on both sides of the unit, similar to the way tamper proof medicine bottles work. We are always available to show you examples of child proof outlets and help you create a plan for which outlets you would like to replace.

The Importance of Working With Professional Electricians

Some child proof outlets are better than others. That is why it is crucial to work with professional electricians when upgrading to child proof outlets. Many screw-in outlet protectors have been identified as fire hazards. Some of the DIY child proof outlets are less effective than they should be, such as plastic inserts. The most reliable and trustworthy way to upgrade your outlets and protect your family is to work with a team of licensed electricians like Mr. Electric of Madison.

How Safety Outlets Protect Your Family

When we help a family install child safe outlets in their home, we take great care to ensure the job is done flawlessly. The National Electrical Code has required child proof outlets in homes since 2008. Over all those years, our team has developed extremely safe child proof outlet services. You might wonder how dangerous your home’s outlets are. Electrical outlets are responsible for some very serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries caused by outlets include the following:

  • Electrical Burns – Electrical burns are the most common type of outlet-related injury, accounting for 95% of them. Often, a burn is caused by the sudden heating of an object placed into an outlet.
  • Electrical Shocks – On average, seven children a day are electrocuted by sticking their finger or a foreign object into an outlet.
  • Serious or Fatal Injuries – Your home’s electrical system emits an immense amount of electrical current, which can, unfortunately, be fatal in some cases.

Schedule an Appointment to Install Child Proof Outlets Now!

The idea of your children being injured in an outlet-related incident can be frightening. We don’t mean to worry you unnecessarily, but as licensed electricians, we know the dangers. We also know how quick and easy it is to install child proof outlets and put the fears behind you. We have performed countless tamper proof outlet upgrades for homeowners in Madison and Sun Prairie. Let us help you make your home safer for the whole family. Schedule your appointment to install child proof outlets today!