Professional Electrical Repair Services in Garland, TX

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Comprehensive Electrical Repairs for Homes & Businesses

Electrical systems are complex, meaning electrical repairs are necessary from time to time. Mr. Electric of Garland offers professional electrical repair services for home and business owners in Garland, TX. You should always leave electrical repairs to our trained and qualified professionals, who have the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to get the job done safely. Our team is here to assist you with general electrical repair services of all kinds to keep your people and property safe. We’re available around the clock for 24/7 emergency electrical repair services as well. Learn more about our home electrical repair service and get in touch with us to request an estimate.

Offering Complete Electrical Repair Services

Mr. Electric of Garland does it all when it comes to electrical repair services in Garland, Sachse, and Rose Hill, TX. It may be tempting to perform your own electrical repairs, but working with electricity can be extremely dangerous. Our licensed and insured electricians can help you rest easy, knowing your job will get done safely and efficiently. We serve homes and businesses in Texas with all their electrical repair needs, including the following services:

  • Wire Replacement – Old wiring in your business or home can cause many problems, including outlet malfunctions and house fires. Older wiring systems like aluminum wiring can leave you at a serious risk of fires and should be replaced immediately to allow for a safe electrical flow and improved peace of mind.
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement – It can be frustrating if you have a circuit breaker that trips frequently, but you don’t have to live with it. Our team upgrades circuit breakers, so you always have all the power your devices, appliances, and electronics require. We repair, replace, and upgrade circuit breakers.
  • Electrical Outlet Replacement – Allow us to replace your outdated two-prong outlets to keep your home or business up to code. Protect your valuable electronics and appliances to ensure you always have a reliable power stream.
  • Electrical Code Updates – Every few years, a new electrical code comes out, and you want to ensure your home or business is up to date. It’s essential to ensure your home is up to code before you put it on the market, and business owners will want to be up to code to protect themselves from liability.
  • Child Proof Outlets – If you’re a parent, you know how curious your small children can be. Our team installs child-proof outlets that look nearly identical to standard wall outlets but have spring-loaded receptacle cover plates so kids cannot insert objects into them and risk being electrocuted.

Schedule Electrical Repair Services Today

Keeping your electrical system updated is critical when it comes to keeping your family, employees, customers, or property safe. The best way to do so is to schedule a thorough inspection of your building’s electrical system. Our electricians can perform all types of electrical repairs and will be happy to give you a quote for your electrical repair service cost before we begin any work. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate.