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Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Garland, TX

Professional Ceiling Fan Services

A ceiling fan is a perfect addition to almost any room in your home. Mr. Electric of Garland offers professional ceiling fan installation services for Garland, TX. Ceiling fans boost the comfort of your home, enhance your décor, and help save money on cooling costs. Our licensed electricians will install a ceiling in any room. We can upgrade fans and add light as well. We offer free quotes on our ceiling fan installation services.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Garland, TX

Professional Ceiling Fan Services

Mr. Electric technician working on a ceiling fan.

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  • Ceiling fans are a welcome addition to almost any room in your home. With a flip of a switch, you get instant airflow. The most significant benefits of ceiling fan installation include the following:

    • Increased Comfort Levels – A ceiling fan helps lower the temperature of your home, boosting your comfort levels.
    • Saves Money – You can lower your energy bills by using air circulation instead of cranking down the air conditioner thermostat.
    • Brightens Your Home – A ceiling fan with lights is a wonderful way to lighten up your rooms.
    • Great Indoors & Outdoors – We can install ceiling fans indoors or outdoors for added comfort.
    • Boost Your Style – Ceiling fans have multiple lighting styles, fan sizes, features, blades, and metal finishes.
  • We never recommend installing a ceiling fan without the proper training. Our electricians are thoroughly trained on how to handle ladders, electric wiring, and heavy fans. If you try to install a ceiling fan without the proper training, you could put your house and family in danger. Some of the best reasons to hire our professional ceiling fan installers include:

    • Incorrect Wiring is Dangerous – Some people forget to check the gauge of the ceiling wiring to determine if it is appropriate to connect to a ceiling fan. You also cannot use existing wiring from another light fixture because it can result in circuit trips that may lead to fires.
    • Electrical Injury Risk – Electrical systems are challenging. Even if you turn off the power correctly, you risk connecting the wires incorrectly.
    • Ceiling Damage Risk – Most ceiling fan installations require cutting a hole in the ceiling. A professional electrician takes the necessary precision and care to avoid creating a large hole in the ceiling.
    • Cost Efficiency – Many homeowners think they will save money and time installing a ceiling fan themselves, but this is not true. You risk spending more money trying to buy all the right tools and supplies and risk wasting time making multiple trips to the store to pick up additional parts.
Mr. Electric electrician installing an indoor light.
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We Provide Free Home Electrical Inspections

When we install your ceiling fan, we offer a free home electrical inspection. Our insured and experienced electricians will inspect your home's electrical system to determine if it is in optimal health. We will check for any code violations or hidden issues. If you need additional surge protection or to upgrade to energy-efficient light bulbs, our team can determine the best possible upgrades for your home.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Garland?

Mr. Electric of Garland is committed to the safety and comfort of your home. We are the local electricians that you can trust with all your electrical needs. Some of the many reasons you should choose us include:

  • Licensed Electricians – Our electricians are insured, licensed, and trained to handle all your electrical needs.
  • Reliability – We provide prompt and professional services for your peace of mind.
  • Attention to Detail – Our team takes the time to ensure your electricity is in perfect working order.
  • Safe Installations – Our priority is safety for our workers and for you, so we are committed to safe installation practices.
  • Guaranteed Results – We back our products and our work with a guarantee.

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