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Professional EV Charger Installation Services in Garland, TX

We Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles offer the perfect opportunity to save on gasoline and lower your carbon footprint. If you own an EV, it’s important to have a charging station near you. Mr. Electric of Garland provides EV charger installation services in Garland, TX. Our expert team can assist you in choosing the ideal type of residential EV supply equipment (EVSE) that suits your requirements. Our staff is always prepared to answer any queries about EV chargers you may have. Contact us now to get a pricing estimate for our EV charging station installation service.

Professional EV Charger Installation Services in Garland, TX

We Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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  • Unlike conventional vehicles that can top up at any petrol station, EVs require a unique charging infrastructure. When hooked up to a charging point, EVs change the AC power provided by the electric grid into DC power through inbuilt converters. This DC power is then used to juice up the vehicle's battery. When an EV is plugged into a DC quick charger, it communicates with the charger to determine its charging needs, ensuring efficient and safe charging.

Types of EV Chargers

Most leading car manufacturers offer electric or hybrid models. Picking the right charger for your specific EV can seem challenging, but our team is here to assist you in choosing the ideal EV charger that matches your needs. Electric vehicle charging stations commonly come in the following types: 

Level 1 Charger 

The Level 1 charger typically comes with your EV, and it's designed to plug into any standard three-prong outlet. This choice requires around 20 hours to fully charge your EV battery, making it a great choice for those who prefer to charge their cars overnight. 

Level 2 Charger 

A dedicated 240-volt circuit is needed for a Level 2 charger to guarantee optimal charging. These chargers need professional installation within your home environment. A Level 2 charger can hike up your EV's battery from empty to fully charged in just three hours. Many electric vehicles come with Level 2 chargers with your purchase but need professional installation.  

Level 3 Charger 

Typically found at public charging points, Level 3 chargers provide the quickest recharge time. They can top up an EV's battery in just 30 minutes, extending your driving range by an additional 160 miles. Bear in mind that Level 3 chargers consume a large amount of power. 

Why Do I Need an EV Charger at Home?

Without an effective charging method, the advantages of your electric car are significantly diminished. A home EV charger ensures you aren’t stuck without a charged vehicle, and you aren’t forced to drive somewhere to charge the vehicle. Charging stations are specialized circuits needing the appropriate level of electricity to power up your electric car, truck, or SUV. They also require a breaker for safety purposes. Mr. Electric of Garland is available to guide you in selecting the right charger for your home, installing it, and repairing any issues with it.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Garland?

Mr. Electric of Garland provides comprehensive electrical services in Garland, Sachse, and Rose Hill, TX. We cater to all your electrical needs, from upgrading your outlets to repairing your electrical panels. Our team prioritizes your electrical necessities and is ready to aid in modernizing your home with a handy EV charging station. We are more than happy to provide estimates for our range of electrical services. We can evaluate your home to estimate the cost of setting up your EV charging station and provide transparent pricing. Many customers take part in our Advantage Plan® for priority scheduling and members-only specials. We are here for you!

Contact Us for EV Charger Services

Mr. Electric of Garland provides efficient EV charger installation services. After installation, we can repair your battery monitoring systems (BMS), power control units (PCU), cords, converters, power modules, rectifiers, and dispensers. Our team understands the importance of a reliable electric vehicle backed by a trustworthy charger. Your charging station is the answer to eradicating the worry of hunting for public EV chargers. You can trust us to provide the perfect level of energy to fuel your vehicle. With our services, you can be confident that your vehicle will always be ready for the road. Contact us now for an estimate on our EV charger services.

  • EV Charger Installation and Replacement

    When it comes to charging up your new EV in half the time, there’s nothing better than a Level 2 charger. And when it comes to installing a fast, efficient Level 2 home charger in your garage, driveway, or carport, you can trust the licensed electricians at your local Mr. Electric®.

  • EV Charger Repair and Service

    Whatever brand of charging station you have, Mr. Electric can repair all components for your home charging station, including: power control units (PCU), battery monitoring systems (BMS), converters, power modules, cords, rectifiers, and dispensers.

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