Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety is our biggest concern at Mr. Electric®. Our electricians are here to help make sure your home or business is as safe as it can be. Our expert electricians can help you with childproofing outlets, whole house surge protectors, wiring upgrades, and electrical safety inspections, just to name a few. Check out our additional services below, for your home and business!

Because there is no such thing as constant, uninterrupted adult supervision, child proof outlets protect your children and those of invited guests, preventing injuries and liability. Also called tamper-proof receptacles, these electrical outlets are so effective that as of 2008 the National Electrical Code (NEC) has required their installation in all new homes.

Circuit breakers that trip frequently can blow a fuse and cause an electrical fire. The team at Mr. Electric of Saint Paul can ensure your circuits are properly upgraded or professionally replaced to support all your electrical needs without experiencing overloads. 

Chances are your company can’t function without its computers. To avoid tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses, Mr. Electric can install a circuit breaker that only controls your computer systems. That means that other office electrical appliances can’t take down computers when switched on.

Electrical codes are updated every three years by the National Electric Code (NEC), the nation's singular code for safe electrical installation, in order to protect people and property from electrical hazards. Is your home up to the current 2014 NEC standards?

When you need an expert to complete electrical repairs at your home or business, Mr. Electric® stands ready to assist. Our licensed and experienced electricians perform a wide array of electrical repair services every day, around the clock. When you choose Mr. Electric, you can always expect effective and courteous service professionals to get the job done.

Electrical issues are the largest cause of property damage in house fires across the U.S. To identify and address electrical safety issues, a thorough and professional electrical safety inspection is needed. Schedule your free electrical safety inspection today with Mr. Electric for a detailed, prioritized checklist of recommendations for your home.

GFCI outlets can be identified by the “test” and “reset” buttons on their receptacle and help protect people from electrical hazards by monitoring the amount of electricity flowing through a circuit. They're installed in any rooms containing moisture, including the laundry room and bathroom. If an imbalance is detected, the circuit is tripped, and the outlet stops the flow of electricity.

Old wiring can be a significant safety hazard and prevent people from using their electrical system to its full capacity. Our experts can ensure the wiring in your home or business is properly updated to ensure the safety of your system and the functionality of your devices.

Power surges are caused by a variety of things and can ruin your expensive electronics in a flash. You can help protect your appliances and technology with the professional installation of a whole-house surge protector by the experts at Mr. Electric of Saint Paul.