Electrical Code Updates

Electrical hazards result in tens of thousands of residential and commercial accidents and house fires each year. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that electric wiring problems cause 30,000 home fires, 200 deaths, nearly one thousand injuries, and over $600 million in property damage every year. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), faulty wiring accounts for 20 percent of electrocutions.

Failure to bring a home up to the current electrical code is often to blame.

What Are Electrical Code Updates?

Prepared under the direction of the NFPA, the National Electrical Code (NEC) is the nation’s singular standard for safe electrical installation and wiring practices. The NEC sets electrical code standards for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection to protect people and property from electrical hazards.

First published in 1897, the NEC is updated every three years to safeguard people and buildings by minimizing accidents and fire hazards resulting from the use of electricity. As of 2019, the 2017 edition of the NEC is the most current electrical safety guide.

Why Is It Important to Be Informed About Electrical Code Updates?

Here’s an example: Did you know that as ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) requirements have been expanded over the years, the number of residential electrical shock incidents have gone down? Being informed about electrical code updates such as these gives homeowners the insight to better protect their lives and property.

The Professionals at Mr. Electric Are Well-Versed on Electrical Code Updates

Because of the intricacies and often extensive changes to the National Electric Code every three years, it’s important to have a professional check your home for outdated wiring as new electrical code updates are released. You can trust the professionals at Mr. Electric® to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the latest in electrical code updates, allowing them to:

  • Check that your home is up to the latest requirements for electrical wiring and equipment, installation, and more.
  • Inspect a home you’re interested in prior to purchase to ensure that’s it’s a sound investment and safe for your family.
  • Prevent the postponement or delay of the sale of your home due to electrical issues discovered during inspection.
  • Protect you from injury, loss of life, and possible liability issues arising from electrical incidents in your home.

The 10 Most Important Updates From the 2017 NEC Electrical Code

An electrical wiring inspection performed today will check for these items and more:

  1. Power cord length restrictions for dishwashers and trash compactors.
  2. A grounding braid or sheath and GFCI protection are now required for heating panels installed underneath flooring.
  3. Hardwired appliances of a certain size must have a disconnect or locking mechanism in plain sight.
  4. The list of areas required to provide arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) protection has been expanded to include dormitories, hotels, and motels. It includes all 120-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere branch circuits, whether or not those circuits provide power to devices requiring AFCI protection.
  5. Dedicated circuits required for the charging of electric vehicles, including wireless EV charging stations.
  6. Outlet box hoods must be installed to protect all 15- and 20-ampere, 125- and 250-volt receptacles installed in potentially wet locations, such as exterior outlets.
  7. Solar panel arrays must have a rapid-shutdown switch installed. This makes it easier for first responders to throttle back the system’s power output in the event of a fire.
  8. Tamper-resistant receptacles are required in places such as preschools, elementary schools, and medical waiting rooms.
  9. Expansion of the NEC’s scope to cover the safe removal of electrical wiring and equipment.
  10. And hundreds of other changes promoting electrical safety.

In partnership with the Electrical Safety Foundation International, Mr. Electric can help ensure the safety of your home and family with the implementation of the most up-to-date electrical code and safety standards available. Contact Mr. Electric for an electrical safety checkup today. You can schedule your electrical inspection online or call us directly at (844) 866-1367.